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  • DoesNotExist305 3 years ago

    I hate Top Rank’s obsession with Tecate. Do you really have to put that
    shit all over the ring?

  • bagwellish 3 years ago

    pacman will kill this guy

  • RetroKidd Steez 3 years ago

    Hes decent till Mikey beat dat ass nigga

  • Bill Traut 3 years ago

    It’s a shame. This was gamboa in his prime. He’s been way too inactive last
    few years and will never be the same. He’s also fighting too high a weight
    class against crawford. Crawford by wide UD. I hope gamboa makes it a
    street fight but he’s too small.

  • esoriaf 3 years ago

    Gamboa did to Salido what Mayweather should’ve did to Maidana, gave him a
    taste of his own medicine.

  • Victor Versace Rodriguez 3 years ago

    Garcia should have Gamboa Test before the fucking fight is signed

  • Adrian Chavarin 3 years ago

    Thats when he was dopeing

  • Martinezlopez113 3 years ago

    Easy work for Mikey.

  • Tocarra M Wilson 3 years ago

    Your Out of your mind nobody can do nota with gamboa

  • 1982LHERNANDEZ 3 years ago

    Fuck You Gamboa You should of Been disqualified 

  • Johnny Smith 3 years ago

    Salido is a dirty fighter good to see Gamboa smashed him and roughed him

  • Carlos Martir 3 years ago

    Orlando Salido still one of the greatest fighters i ever seen! A true
    warrior on the ring no doubt!

  • edwin rodriguez 3 years ago

    Gamboa get dropped once vs Fernas and everyone thinks he doesnt have a chin
    lol. Yall going to in for a big shock when Gamboa hands connect with
    Mikeys chin

  • pullcounter79 3 years ago

    One of the biggest mistakes Gamboa made was by signing with 50 cent. Now
    the guy can’t even get decent fights. Arum might not be able to promote
    Cuban fighters like Rigo but Gamboa had a more exciting style. In his past
    2 fights Gamboa has looked like garbage. Only doing enough to win but not
    going for the kill. If he ever fights Mikey Garcia he better come up with a
    better game plan.

  • feezynigga 3 years ago

    nice slip ref!

  • GUILLERMO SARABIA 3 years ago

    Ese Gamboa es un puto simio sucio negro come bananas!! Hijo de perra !!! El
    CANELO le va dar en su puta madre al negro!!!

  • SPADGER THE RHINO 3 years ago

    fast ,accurate,powerfull but thats enough about the REF,khan”s fast and
    powerfull but it”s easy to hit a stationery target,Mayweather would make
    him look pedestrian

  • singularity 3 years ago

    fucking gabmoa is a pidor

  • berseker9060 3 years ago

    Marquez could schooled this man

  • haven4441 3 years ago

    Fucking Gamboa cheating piece of shit

  • LIKWITCREW1 3 years ago

    mares and mikey get so much love, but Gamboa already beat guys they have
    just beat, Gamboa beat Solis and Ponce, but yet he gets shitted on,

  • wakko380 3 years ago

    holy shit, gamboa is when hell of a snake

  • josejuan jimenez 3 years ago


  • kketokommasou lae 3 years ago

    hahaha lmao

  • herociouz 3 years ago

    Fuck you, Fuck Face !!! You want a fucking war with me, you Shit Eating
    bastard? Let’s meet up somewhere then. In the meantime, why don’t you just
    get that big, giant ass cock outta’ your mouth & brush your teeth?! Your
    breath stinks, asshole !!!