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  • Mrs. Repp 3 years ago

    He’s 5’7-5’6. Good luck guarding guards who are 6’3 in the post in the NBA.
    I’m rooting for him. 

  • Bee Lee 3 years ago

    dude this is insane, the crowd jumps out of the seat, every shot that goes
    in. No wonder asians are skinny. Great workout 

  • Beau Vo 3 years ago

    Kuroko is real

  • Johnny Tran 3 years ago

    he could ball without a doubt but i think he’d get crushed in the big
    leagues. height disadvantage is already a major flaw in basketball and the
    fact that he’s pretty scrawny might not cut it. nate robinsonon the other
    hand who is 5’9″ is super swolled and he got super hops. 

  • LightyGab 3 years ago

    Kuroko and Hanamichi would be so happy to see this! I wish he can make it
    into the NBA. He is fast, dribbles like a freak, can shoot 3pts, amazing
    floater, amazing court vision! I’m gonna support him from now on!

  • Kai Liu 3 years ago

    Hardly see Asian player has this kind of pass ability. Great.

  • Spencer Beggs 3 years ago

    This guy played great in the Summer League today

  • HEAT Ledger 3 years ago

    Killin ‘em

  • BigSexy1281 3 years ago

    He should stick to ping pong

  • Matt Bryar 3 years ago

    reminds me of a rubio a bit

  • yo CaaZ 3 years ago

    Better then aquille Carr

  • maarkybaggio 3 years ago

    still got nothing on mugsy!!

  • staticbb 3 years ago

    This music is Kawaii as fuck bruh. 

  • Dreami Lewisii 3 years ago

    OMG Akashi in real life :D

  • Happy KiDDO 3 years ago

    he can go to the NBA, but his game is gonna have to be up there a lot more.
    What he did in the summer league game gave me no doubts he could be up

  • NOT making the NBA (im not talking summer league) or even if he does off
    hype, he won’t be getting much playing time… here’s why:

    Needs explosion and vertical, his drives are average speed (matched up with
    his height it wont work too well) and he doesnt seem to able to jump and
    make athletic layups, just floaters/tear drops. If someone (NBA lvl) locks
    him down with defense he wont be able to handle it and will easily lose the
    ball probably (this is due to his size once again, I may be wrong but this
    comment is based on the video ONLY)
    Needs crazy passing and/or ball handling, these highlights show pretty
    average passes that arent very powerful or unpredictable as we can see with
    other small pgs in the league… All in all, its mainly his size, which
    cant be changed :(
    He does have a great shot though.

    I’m not hating on him, just pointing out areas he may need to work on or
    can never due to his small size. If he does make it in and prove me wrong,
    he’ll have to seriously Jeremy Lin his way into the spotlight (as in he’s
    going to have to pull off some miracle shooting % or plays)

  • damarcus008 3 years ago

    Cuban “Sign Togashi”

  • BobtheBasketBallGuy7 3 years ago

    Quick release

  • thisisgame 3 years ago

    I would take him over Raymon Felton

  • Matthew Cheung 3 years ago

    this guy is like azn steve nash 

  • Justin Familara 3 years ago

    He’s with the mavs right now for summer league 

  • clint eastwood 3 years ago

    ‘ this kid has a potential

  • James Ng 3 years ago

    Cool song, name/artist? BTW, hope he makes the NBA. 

  • lenex paypox 3 years ago

    ryota miagi #7