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  • elms350z 3 years ago

    This is so dangerous. I’m shocked he doesn’t have a Hans device. This is an
    average person who’s neck has not built the strength for taking such a
    beating, especially with a helmet on. Plus if the driver gets into an
    accident, that hans device will save your life. But I bet the driver has
    one on. I would have said “where is mine?”

  • FichDichInDemArsch 3 years ago

    She didn’t enjoy it one bit, the poor lady.

  • TRMneuropunk 3 years ago

    какого хрена у неё голова не держится ??

  • FichDichInDemArsch 3 years ago

    This is fucking hilarious.

  • JoeyJayAss 3 years ago

    Does not get old lol

  • DaveAltman2 3 years ago

    This will never get old to me! I laugh every single time. And race car
    drivers aren’t athletes… This video shows proof how in shape and strong
    you have to be to drive these cars on the limit.

  • Richie Shore 3 years ago

    that looked painful!

  • jasarce 3 years ago

    Can’t stop laughing every time he hits his head when he brakes

  • KAAN IŞIN 3 years ago

    May the force be with you…

  • Dennis Mendonca 3 years ago

    Seat belts are loose

  • FosterZygote 3 years ago

    I sometimes think that these two-seater rides should be reserved
    exclusively for people who say that racing isn’t a sport.

  • Chelly Okoko 3 years ago

    1:33 Dead lmfao

  • troc1425 3 years ago

    this is so funny

  • Eric Roeske 3 years ago

    Looks like fun. I do not think the four points were tight enough though.

  • IgorD 3 years ago

    I thought he is the driver at the beginning. Just imagine how silly it
    would look if this was true)))

  • Rudy Avalon 3 years ago

    Tighten the belts and a HANS device please!

  • Leon Ettey 3 years ago

    Sorry but aaaaaahahahaha jesus that was funny. Cant thank you enough

  • João Castro 3 years ago

    Please remember that the passenger doesn´t got the chance to grip a
    steering wheel( Wich would give him much more “body momentum suport”) as a
    normal F1 Pilot, besides the safety belt could have been a little bit more
    tight as you can see it just goes up his shoulders.

    Vid Funny anyway! ;)

  • Jeremie Bricout 3 years ago

    1.32s has to be the funniest moment of all the videos on YouTube

  • Yorrick Hendrixen 3 years ago

    Hahaha this is just awesome! LMAO

  • jesus cook 3 years ago

    Super interesante video demostracion de por que tienen que estar los
    pilotos como toros de fuerte mirar las sacudidas del copiloto en prueba
    duele solo de ver una sola vuelta muy bueno¡¡¡¡
    Yas Marina F1 Formula 1 Racing Experience and bad whiplash!

  • mechamorafa 3 years ago

    It is like taking a corpse to a ride.

  • hdot1111 3 years ago

    @2095Clarkson horseshit. if she was strapped in properly she wouldn’t move
    around at all, I work in motorsport and you can barely move at all in a
    properly adjusted harness, even if she wasnt bracing herself properly she
    would not of headbutt the car! her neck is not that long! sliding around on
    the seat also WOULD NOT happen if the harness was properly adjusted.

  • Ray Dredge 3 years ago

    I still don’t understand why the “strappers” (crew who puts you in the car)
    did not tighten her seat belts at all. I mean yeah OK they are in a hurry
    but still. You would think paying all that money means they really wouldn’t
    want to try and Kill you!.

  • MrJhonvick 3 years ago

    the guy has no HANS jajajajaja