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  • Tim Hooper 4 years ago

    That’s delay of game. That was their second. That is the only reason why
    the T was called and they got a shot. It’s stupid, I agree. But that’s the
    rule so get used to it or stop touching the ball. Let it bounce. This isn’t
    pick up basketball, we have a somewhat strict clock and game flow
    management. This keeps players grabbing, hitting, holding on purpose, out
    of the game. What if a team scores and then purposely holds the ball just
    to give his team a chance to get back, they never have to admit that’s why
    they did it.. this rule just keeps anyone from causing a delay in the game.
    If you delay the game a “delay of game” is enforced even if it was as
    innocent as this one here. This is an extreme example but still it’s an
    example of the rules being enforced as they are written. 

  • Sam Dieken 4 years ago

    +chitownref the ball bounced into his hands wht else was he supposed to do
    and do you think you know it all thts a stupid rule cause if officials dont
    call fouls they shouldnt call tht crap who cares let them play on some
    officials know wht there gunna call before games I think but oh well thts
    the nba for ya

  • chitownsuperfan 4 years ago

    i think that call was on boozer

  • GBtheXpert 4 years ago

    33:00 when rose actually played :(

  • Alex Tracy 4 years ago

    That is some bull(no pun intended) and im a thunder fan so what was it
    suppose to go into the crowd or something BS

  • Carlos Domenech 4 years ago

    Ref missing the foul call under the rim. But makes sure not to miss a delay
    of game call. Coincidence a free point for Vegas. 

  • Olli Järvinen 4 years ago

    That’s a stupid rule i agree but that’s a correct call. And the thing you
    are supposed to do is not to touch it with your hands if it bounces off
    your chest or something that’s okay

  • jehan alasad 4 years ago

    Same thing happened to Dwight Howard when he passed the ball to the referee
    after making a shot.

  • Samuel Jue 4 years ago

    +koeke papa Well its not the refs fault. The NBA made it a rule this
    year. They are just calling it because they have to. This rule really
    should be removed. It was meant to prevent offensive players to hit the
    ball away from the inbounder to reduce the chance of a fast break. People
    who are accidently touching it is getting whistled tho.

  • icantfindmyphone 4 years ago

    thank you jeff van gundy for telling it like how it is

  • koeke papa 4 years ago

    Its gettin crazy these days … Idiot refs.

  • veldon fleming 4 years ago

    Dat Why DA NBA IZ GAY

  • MadmanGoneMad2012 4 years ago

    Yeah bullshit. He did that so they could go back on defense in time. Stupid

  • MrBrady42 4 years ago

    What is he supposed to do? let the ball roll out of bounds wasting even
    more time? Totally retarded rule.

  • MrDarksword123 4 years ago

    I cant even take the nba seriously anymore… It’s so fucking soft now and
    the officiating is just plain bullshit. This has to be the stupidest rule
    to ever come.

  • AuroraVids 4 years ago

    The players don’t get the tech for the delay of game though, it’s a team

  • Acquire Azthetics 4 years ago

    watched this on tv before, so bullshit

  • D POLO 4 years ago

    Dick referees

  • Han Solo 4 years ago

    I hate the bulls but that was a shit call

  • NBA Highlights 4 years ago