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  • Shivam Bansal 3 years ago

    Can’t believe that Xu Xin is 65

  • phigo4kins 3 years ago

    It Looks Like 2 Elephants/2 Tigers Fighting. Lls

  • Marvin Olid 3 years ago

    Why is there a thump after strike? Is it the floor?

  • kimkim Mui 3 years ago

    Finals should play this way, great match to both players.

  • mances eiei 3 years ago

    that’s awsome 

  • Marcelo Santos 3 years ago

    looking some table tennis now , after some time and looking closely it
    looks amazing how much xu xin improved in a litle amount of time

  • Nguyên Vũ Đoàn 3 years ago


  • dedalos ikaros 3 years ago

    this match was fantastic..
    congratulations to both players.
    But Xu Xin was a magician.He played with a lot of spin into the corners.
    He offered us a lot of spectacle.
    thank you.

  • Jaime Bizarro 3 years ago

    Que nivel por dios !

  • gabriel ospina 3 years ago

    one of the best matches ive ever seen…

  • Mihai T 3 years ago

    Those two has made a hell of a game, wordy for table tennis history

  • Dissident Nihilist SS 3 years ago

    nice ending

  • lumm71 3 years ago

    Very good match. Worldranking number 1 vs number 2.

  • Suri StyleZ 3 years ago

    Awesome match, Xu xin take some balls out of nowhere :o

  • Thibaut 3 years ago

    Ma long stop to play serious during the last set, chinese match ..

  • Tao K 3 years ago

    Thanks for the upload! Gotta love how XX plays and smiles between points.
    Not many top players are able to play that well, with a great style while
    being that relaxed nowadays. So great to watch anyway

  • BestEquipmentShots 3 years ago

    I feel the bit at the end took away XX’s moment

  • The Glenn 3 years ago

    damned xu xin did some exceptionnal shots there dayum

  • perniciousnc 3 years ago

    the chinese team after training is crazy, i wish there are two teams in the
    world like this.

    technique wise, i think this can compare to the austria open between ml n
    zjk, this match will be marked in history, i think no one wud not fall in
    love with tt if they watched this, hope non tt lovers can see how
    entertaining this could get. so beautiful thanks for sharing

  • MiracoMangoManchuria 3 years ago

    XX‘s forehand became as fierce as Ryu,not as soft as usual.
    Yes, penholders has their weakness.
    But I saw XX’s crazy passion, the most fatal weapon,
    which reminds of the days of Athens,
    What a game! Congrats to him

  • g4mbl4er 3 years ago

    Really great performence from Xu Xin in the hole tournument!! I see when
    its coming close ma long will get a little bit nervous vs xu xin who just
    give it all and enjoy his play! One of the best matches played ever for Xu
    :)! Fantastic!!

  • IIkingdomII 3 years ago

    ma long really choked last game.

  • Ronald fonseca 3 years ago

    Final Mundial.

  • ardak1984 3 years ago

    I watch this match when I am sad.

  • rocketFucHs 3 years ago

    frage: wenn sich so ein fernkampf wie bei 8:00 ausbildet warum macht der
    schmetterer dann nicht einfach einen leichten schlag als ausnahme?