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  • Press keeps impressing me every game.

  • Randy Dubin 3 years ago

    IMO, Syd should wear those Magistas in her next Reign FC game. Maybe she’ll
    actually score more that way. 

  • krugger911 3 years ago

    it’s the world cup and you upload this load of shit.
    does anyone give any fucks?

  • Randall Dubin 3 years ago

    Nearly 10,000 fans? In a NFL stadium that seats over 60,000? WTF is that

  • taurus20077 3 years ago

    Looks like this is a kinder and gentler WNT! Pass the ball around and then
    attach once in a while. However, if you have two speedsters in Alex and
    Syd, it’s probably a good idea to stretch out the defense just like France
    did. They almost score some goals on the US because of that.

    It seems like Hope is a little tentative in this game. She wouldn’t come
    out on a few balls that she normally would.

  • Stephon Joseph 3 years ago

    really France should have beat Us we have better talents and better
    occasions But lacked or realism girls next time next time…

  • 12345hispanics . 3 years ago

    i wonder how dinner gets cooked in their homes..

  • Jettawat Banchuen 3 years ago


  • Randy Dubin 3 years ago

    Disgusting that Cheney was forced to celebrate her 100th cap at her *102nd*
    cap. Just disgusting. 

  • Mary H. 3 years ago

    What channel can I watch USWNT play on? 

  • kebanyas1794 3 years ago

    love the rack on Leroux. 

  • Doyle دويل 3 years ago

    as a French women’s soccer fan, I know that France doesn’t know very well
    Leroux for the moment, too bad ! but what a great game. it will be more &
    more difficult for WNT of US in the future to compete with the level that
    France is approaching. by the way, folks : Le Sommer is pronounced “le
    sommeur” not “le sommé” :)