The U.S. WNT rolled past Costa Rica 6-0 to win the 2014 CONCACAF Women’s Championship crown. More info: Subscribe to U.S. Soccer on YouTube!
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  • CallMeSmash 3 years ago

    Carli Lloyd is on top of her game right now!!!! 

  • Eve Evens 3 years ago

    we are coming for you canada.

  • Fontero27 3 years ago

    I’d like to take this moment to address the people who’ve been bitching
    about Abby Wambach still being on the team. FOUR GOALS IN YOUR FACE!!!

  • Chile Ecuador Serbia Greece Cyprus Romania UNITED 3 years ago

    Only Canada can stop the US in CONCACAF region?
    The others… they really need to develop their women’s football.

  • Sarcastrophe 3 years ago

    These women are beautiful and talented! What else do you want? :)

  • sophi arauz 3 years ago


  • crewkid52 3 years ago

    Abby Wambach’s face is the best goal-scorer in women’s soccer

  • Fernando Hernandez 3 years ago

    Nothing but op heading!! Mexico!!!

  • geiner arrieta rojas 3 years ago

    Felicitar a las muchachas de Costa Rica por su clasificación al mundial.Yo
    esperaba perder por menos goles, la portero debe saber que en el área
    pequeña le pertenece y no puede permitir estos errores, otra cosa es la
    pérdida de muchos tiros a marco y hacemos pocos goles pudiendo hacer mas,
    esto fue una gran enseñanza para mejorar en el mundial. 

  • Andrey Muñoz 3 years ago

    Damn… A little rough score, don’t you think?
    It was way obvious the USA would easily win this final, they are arguably
    the best team in the world when it comes to the WNT, while Costa Rica
    doesn’t even have a Pro League yet. I’m happy these ladies qualified for
    the World Cup for the first time, to make this one of the best years (if
    not the best) in Costa Rican football history overall, but is not enough
    when it comes to be more competitive.
    There’s so much distance to cover if we ever want to get the Women’s Team
    to be any closer to the USA’s, and first of all is the mentality. Here,
    when the goalkeeper stopped the PKs against T&T, the press went nuts and
    called her “Keylar Navas” (as ridiculous at it sounds). Why should they
    live under the shadow of what men do? That’s unthinkable in the USA. Hope
    Solo has made a name for herself as the best female goalkeeper in the
    world, and I don’t think the American press call her “Tina Howard”.
    In a nutshell, a well deserved win for the USA. I wish ‘em the best in the
    World Cup as they’re top contenders to win the title.
    Greetings from Costa Rica.

  • mountainhobo 3 years ago

    Heady performance

  • Adventureswithnathalie 3 years ago

    Finally Syd you deserved it 

  • officialjet 3 years ago

    Abby Wambach the goat 

  • Silver Goldstein 3 years ago

    Brian’s cross for Wambach was perfection.

  • petewheeler72 3 years ago

    As if their was ever a doubt who would win this game. LOL Ladies, let’s
    bring the World Cup back home to the States. 1999 seems like ages ago. 

  • canebro1 3 years ago

    Awesome job ladies!

  • schutzbnu 3 years ago

    I said you! I said you! Hahahahahahha
    I said Marta 4 vs 0 wnt, it was Marta 3 vs 2 wnt KKKKKKKKKKK you have one
    chance now, maybe will get to beat Nigeria, but cautions about ashoala
    Every day I see this tittle closer Germany

  • Nhat Tran 3 years ago

    World Cup 2015 is in the bag! Knock on Wood. :P

  • Vin Kermit Diesel 3 years ago

    Attention world: the USWNT is back in form and Abby Wambach is not dead

  • TheMostAmazingTroll 3 years ago

    Congrats to our ladies!

  • Antonio D. 3 years ago

    At least put in a taller keeper, Costa Rica, not that little dwarf with
    gloves, #whatsthepoint 

  • dfunkt 3 years ago

    pura vida!…wait…

  • glennaldosf 3 years ago

    Those girls play sixy football….

  • Becca Horsman 3 years ago

    this team is so fun to watch, and work so hard. Best of luck to them, can’t
    wait for june!

  • Pug_Athority 3 years ago

    abby is one of the best player on this team even though she is getting
    older and she is at the top of her game and deserves to still be on the
    team as seen on the 4 goal goals she scored in this game and the many
    others in recent games so wambach hater go hug a