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  • Marcus Jiles 3 years ago

    Started out watching the Canadian stream of the game for a different
    perspective (and btw they’re STILL bitter) and then I realized that besides
    a better stream on ESPN3, Julie Foudy works for ESPN and she’s probably
    calling the game. DING1 DING! DING! She is such a joy to listen to. So
    thankful ESPN has the World Cup and not NBC where we’d be subjected to
    Chastain. Good commentary, enjoyable commentary really does make the
    experience better.

  • Ivan Conde 3 years ago

    Where is my wife Alex Morgan?? :(

  • Gary Schurndlerdurgler 3 years ago

    Sinclair is one of the ugliest people I have ever had the displeasure of
    looking at 

  • Dylan Oxendine 3 years ago

    handball at 2:45? on the cross?

  • OG WATSKY 3 years ago

    i always love it when sydney scores against canada :)

  • The PNT Tv Network 3 years ago

    I’m so glad Ali got her first game in…I loved the players that were on
    the field after the subs came on…I would start with Alex, Syd and Press
    on top, Tobin, Megan, Carli and HAO in the middle and Becky, Dunn, Engen
    and Kriegs on the bottom…and that’s my team for WWC…(without subs).

  • Arleth Flores 3 years ago

    Wow Buchanan accidentally stomps on krieger head

  • SkilledRam85 3 years ago

    Toetally outplayed Canada and still tied. US has to finish our chances. We
    outshot them 14 to 4 and really only gave them two quality scoring chances.
    The one Canada goal is on Solo for not putting someone on the back post.

  • crystal brown 3 years ago

    What I took away from this game: We (U.S.) played sh*tastic for most parts
    of the game and Canada only managed 1 goal! That goal only happened because
    our invisible player didn’t clear the ball on the back post.

  • Megan E 3 years ago

    getting closer to winning , 2 games ago we lost 4-1 then lost 1-0 now tied
    1-1, next step is a win :)

  • Ben Bennett 3 years ago

    The US team played (most of time) like shit, how could she missed that? 2:35
    Ps: Sydney Leroux has made it a habit of scoring against Canada XD

  • Mark eadon 3 years ago

    did anyone notice from the official highlights that the Americans got yet
    another phantom freekick call?

  • stevebarnes96 3 years ago

    Poor Lauren Holiday. 100th cap. No goal. No captain’s armband. No win for

  • peter ye 3 years ago

    Women soccer is a very attractive sport. U.S.A and Canada was played so
    well indeed. Welcome WOMEN WORLD CUP coming soon next year in Canada 2015.

  • Terry Ellis 3 years ago

    I don’t know about anyone else but I applaud the rivalry of the USA vs
    Canada! Great game that brings more interest to the World Cup in 2015.

  • Brad Tessier 3 years ago

    How ironic; a girl from Vancouver nullified Canada’s lead.

  • Iqlaas Ibrahim 3 years ago

    lets go usa lets go only because i was borned in the usa

  • MuslimahWith No Doubt 3 years ago

    Always count on Leroux!

  • yakisueba 3 years ago

    Good job, Buchanan!!

  • asher45s 3 years ago

    team didn’t play there best and the canucks still couldn’t beat them there
    is the difference . GO U.S.A.!

  • Atheist603 3 years ago

    I can’t wait for Alex Morgan to come back…I miss her

  • mokurutow 3 years ago


  • iLLeTLuz 3 years ago

    Though shot by Leroux, where is Alex morgan?

  • schutzbnu 3 years ago

    What about Tom??? We were so happy with head coach Tom hahahahahahahahah
    (we Germans)

  • S Conley 3 years ago

    Usa has a good team with good personality but these past games they werent
    playing up to their potencial