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  • Michel Givenchy 4 years ago

    Song name : Red Hot Chili Peppers – Can’t Stop

    Thumbs up! ;]

  • Christopher Santiago 4 years ago

    best thing about this video is the chili peppers playing in the background

  • AnimesOPproject AnimesOP 4 years ago

    Sawamura ? hajime no ippo

  • TheGreatGodFeces 4 years ago

    Wladimir Klitschko is the greatest heavywieight champion EVER.

  • Anurag .P 4 years ago

    If he dies, he dies

  • gg8818 4 years ago

    tyson got whooped when he fought anyone good.who is the best person he
    beat? berwick or spinks? lmao

  • gtlusciak 4 years ago

    He was much better than Lennox Lewis in that fight and Lewis won only
    because Klitschko was bleeding.

  • Alleskla Production 4 years ago

    Jab?? That was a short left hook

  • Benjamin Brodeur 4 years ago

    punch was so fast it was mistaken as a jab XD lol

  • MadniGroup 4 years ago

    Wladimir Klitschko (49 K.O) Waooo great boxer

  • Mitch Connor 4 years ago

    That’s retard to even compare

  • BadTh 4 years ago

    Learn the facts. The ppl that day applaud Klitchko not Lewis, the match was
    stopped and after that Lewis ran out from a match with Klitchko. Klitchko
    is the best BOXER EVER!

  • Batata Chips 4 years ago

    But Klitschko is like 40 years old

  • gg8818 4 years ago

    hmmmmm no il pass

  • KZipKing 4 years ago

    Most of these guys are just fat tin cans.

  • Matan Buzy 4 years ago

    Klitschko was winning on the scorecards…

  • konrad4253 4 years ago

    they actually stopped the fight because he was bleeding there wasnt a knock
    out or something like that

  • CrisHolyfield Tyson 4 years ago

    En la segunda parte del estribillo de la cancion te deja con las ganas de
    mas jajajajaja Like si opinas lo mismo que yo :)

  • vthuy09bit2 4 years ago

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  • ArmenoidMedia 4 years ago

    There are three things you do not fuck with…. Mother Nature, Mother In
    Laws, and Motherfucking Ukrainians

  • gg8818 4 years ago

    so did tyson.

  • ardaorhan 4 years ago

    “everyone who beat him was taller than he was” everyone who beat was also
    taller than he was. He was 5’10, EVERYBODY was taller than him. In his
    prime he was the epitome of an in-fighter, an incredible combination of
    power, speed and skill. I think he would have a chance against anybody in
    his prime.

  • MrSnow1961 4 years ago

    You should never say somebody doesn’t know about boxing without looking at
    a mirror. Wlad has power in both hands you moron. Watch him take out Ray
    Austin with just the left. Wlad does not leave his arms down, Vitali does.
    Anybody still getting the bothers mixed up is truly an imbecile. The
    Klitsckos would have destroyed Tyson.

  • gg8818 4 years ago

    all them guys fight wladimir in boxing?
    hahahahahahahahahahahahjahahahahahahahahahaha good joke

  • KingArthur 4 years ago

    Wladimir Klitschko next fight is against a tomato can wooooo!! Whilst the
    best of America Andre Ward beat Chad Dawson, Timothy Bradley the number one
    Bernard Hopkins still fighting all the best are AMERICAN ;)