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  • GuruGamingHD 4 years ago


  • Thestrongestman100 4 years ago

    It does bring a tear to my eye, Vitali was my favorite heavyweight, but
    good luck to him with anything he will try to achieve in the future. 

  • Nathan Stirling 4 years ago

    Wingy, the rightful president of the Ukraine……Somewhere there’s a
    parallel universe where this is so. :)

  • cdtowell 4 years ago

    thank fuck he is going lets hope his bro vacates to make heavyweight
    division good agen. p.s wingy aka baby bunce can you slim down for
    heavyweight ?

  • Dodgeprlk 4 years ago

    So what happens when someone wins the vacant belt, gets some false
    confidence behind them and then faces wlad 2 fights later and loses it???
    Its inevitably going to happen I reckon and we have the same thing all over
    again…All belts held by klitschko, klitscko and klitschko.. A vacant belt
    being out there doesn’t suddenly raise the skill level of the whole
    division lol. Would have been so much better if it was wlad vacating his
    titles cos that would have breathed some proper life into the HW div.

  • JayCmakinmusic 4 years ago

    It’ll be Stivern vs Wilder for the vacant title. Wilder doesn’t deserve the
    shot really but hes ranked in the right place

  • fastestlapsDOTcom 4 years ago

    It’s because of what’s happening in Ukraine. I wish him luck in defeating
    the ruSSian puppet Janokovich.

  • worldcapitalcontrol 4 years ago

    Vitali best HW boxer of all time! GOAT! Now go and win president of
    Ukraine! What a guy.

  • Lews026 4 years ago

    never quite got the respect he deserved. shame he never got a big fight.

  • ktmpl 4 years ago

    Wingy for Prez!! Good to see your channel’s goin strong!

  • simon lelyuk 4 years ago

    Vitaliy will be the best forever
    People ,you guy all need to check what’s going on in Ukraine
    In Every video Vitaliy in it
    Police beating people and Vitaliy trying to protect them

    He is a HERO
    We love you Vitaliy you going to change future for the millions in Ukraine
    for the better 

  • vegetax 4 years ago