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  • JoeKoBoxing 3 years ago

    Wingy…..Hearn tweeted that both ends have signed lol

  • DirkDigglerV3 3 years ago

    Golden Boy haven’t decided on a date apparently.

  • Riaz Rahiman 3 years ago

    Hearn has tweeted in the last half hour, he’s spoken to golden boy lawyer
    and fights still on

  • saj Akhtar 3 years ago

    Khan already predicted this wingy lol.

  • ssarwar7 3 years ago

    All that has been confirmed now via Showtime is that Brook v Porter will
    not be on Aug 9, Showtime have given the date with the venue at the
    Barclays Centre to Danny Garcia v TBA as main event and Peterson v TBA as
    the cheif support. So we can deduct from that that kell will not fight on
    that date because they wouldn’t run a rival card or put kell v porter as
    undercard to Garcia. It’s too early to assume that either guy has pulled
    out or will not eachother at a later date.

    You never know Mayweather might have been on the phone and trying to put
    Kell v Porter as the chief support to his september card

  • john chriskush 3 years ago

    “take my glasses off.” lol. Yeah I hope this fight happens, as a Brook fan,
    sick of being let down. If Porter doesn’t fight him then he should sack off
    the ‘IBF route’ and just fight someone credible who isn’t a champ.

  • ragasdapper 3 years ago

    If the fight goes ahead then Brook will gas and get knocked out

  • ragasdapper 3 years ago

    Brook can’t keep his 0 like Mayweather if he fights the best so he has to
    keep fighting bums instead

  • HarleyD1991 3 years ago

    Was Porters last two fights undercards? If so would they really settle on
    this fight being on anything less then a headliner? serious question.

  • PhantomO01 3 years ago

    I’m thinking Brook is after Khan @ Wembley stadium in November 

  • Marcus R 3 years ago


  • 0KOH0 3 years ago

    The voices you do are truly amazing! Makes me laugh soo much! Thanks! Your
    the best! lol! And yeh I heard the contracts are signed? 

  • Cornwall1888 3 years ago

    Goldenboy just don’t know which card to put it on. They will probably put
    it on its own card.

    Porter will have to vacate if he doesn’t fight kell.