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  • JoeNealZecca 3 years ago

    I struggle to see boy george groves would want a box at nottingham forest
    city ground this dude is a extremely confident extremely foolish

  • SledgehammerEditing 3 years ago

    Look at all these fangirls bigging up Groves never could explain why he was
    losing a string of rounds and getting stopped Froch will stop him 12 rounds
    is to much for Groves this will kill his young momentum also caught Froch
    off guard now thinks it will be the same

  • Tony Friedel 3 years ago

    Groves will get what he deserves this time round I believe

  • kingjames1101 3 years ago

    georgie boy is gonna put froch on his back and retire him, put the house
    car wife and kids on george inside 6. 

  • Thestrongestman100 3 years ago

    I can’t wait for this, Great fight, this will be a great year, this
    combined with Pacquiao vs Bradley 2, this is the year of the great
    rematches, the year where the controversy ends. 

  • Danny Bhoy 3 years ago

    Groves got this

  • hugo22899 3 years ago

    It’s on like donkey Kong mofos

  • hugo22899 3 years ago

    It’s on like donkey Kong mofos

  • MrCharlieBananas 3 years ago

    No chance a switched on, knows what he’s getting now, no dancing on the
    telly, hates the mother fucker even more now, ‘Froch’, is losing this

    If he does, I’ll have my anus circumcised. 

  • georgepeers 3 years ago

    Hyped hyped as fuck 

  • wilson0213 3 years ago

    Props to Froch, I didn’t think he would take the rematch.

  • southstaronline 3 years ago

    I’m there.

  • 29harveydinio 3 years ago

    Absolutely BUZZING!!!!! I am so excited for the rematch and I might try and
    get tickets too! I am a fan of both fighters I just hope they both put on
    a display again for the fans.

  • NattyChris 3 years ago

    I’m not sure Groves can do any better the second time around. He fought the
    fight of his life last time and hit Froch with EVERYTHING, yet couldn’t
    stop him. The fight couldnt have gone any better for Groves between round 1
    and 7, yet it was still slipping away from him by round 8. I think the
    second fight goes similarly to the first, but with a more conclusive
    ending. Froch by stoppage

  • Tetlee 3 years ago

    Its on mother funkers! Froch win again, but this time without doubts, Froch
    v Bute mentality.

  • FitterFasterUK 3 years ago

    Lol ‘no matter what is in the food money’ love it, I’m blaming Wingy Boxing
    for me spending my food money too 

  • zubhe 3 years ago

    This will be a close fight man…

  • ivegotabfmv 3 years ago

    Will be going to see this too! Wingy whats your job? a 5am start sounds
    brutal brotha

  • Thom B 3 years ago

    Firstly I want to say that Wingy , this news makes us feel like a kid on
    xmas eve night again. WOOOOOHOO!!!!There IS justice in the world because
    this IS THE FIGHT we need after the massive deflation of the Haye drop
    win this time? I think Groves will do just enough to scrape it on points in
    a humdinger (if thats a word?)

  • Marcus R 3 years ago

    ima put a grand on groves.

  • gcirc 3 years ago

    Going to sorry kids legoland is on hold 

  • gcirc 3 years ago

    Oowwww boxing porn,shhhhhh

  • Eric Tyce 3 years ago

    This fight is not confirmed on skysports or bbc !!!