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  • Tony Friedel 4 years ago

    Things are heating up already!! Loving it !!!

  • nes32100 4 years ago

    Froch got the best of groves in the mind games here. Assisted by his
    brother, Froch came across confident and more calm and collected than
    groves who was legitimately offended. But you better believe Groves will
    have something in store for froch on ringside, should be fireworks.

  • Tetlee 4 years ago

    Grabbed my tickets before the site went haywire… phew!

    Howard Foster to referee? :D

  • james finn 4 years ago

    its a shame you cant go wingy did the mrs put her foot down

  • IFTY AHMED 4 years ago

    Got ripped off with the ticket mate :(

  • jmcg1010 4 years ago

    You didn’t get tickets?? For the price they are reselling at its hugely
    tempting to sell on… It would cover a months rent… But life is not just
    about money

  • AhsanKarimOfficial 4 years ago

    Mind games..The first fight aside from the controversial stoppage was
    great. Second one could be better

  • FitterFasterUK 4 years ago

    poor Wingy, manage to sort my tickets but not the ones I wanted but some
    are better than none, shouldn’t be eating them pasties, not good for the
    waste line.

  • Kay Dee 4 years ago

    I aint going cos even though tickets were cheap, it still a lot of kebabs
    to make up for the traveling, stopping over, beer & do they even sell
    kebabs @ Wembley … FRONT SEAT VIP STYLE BIG SCREEN @ THE CRIB is how I
    roll … !!! Yes, I got the leather electric recliners and everything …

  • Bin Umar 4 years ago

    Your crazy wingy if I lived in England nothing would stop me from being at
    that fight

  • Kay Dee 4 years ago

    Rubix was a classic … I got Groves winning now in the build up …
    Interview with Paddy for me says a lot … Groves only thought he had the
    right game plan … Now he knows and has to be feeling good about it …
    Froch now has to put right what went wrong in the first 6 !!!

  • Eric Tyce 4 years ago

    Mouthy Ginger wmip got what he deserved