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  • hak boxer 3 years ago

    That 100k bet chisora felt forced into going through with in front of the
    cameras had something to do with this, he couldn’t have fractured his hand
    sparring a few days before the fight that’s bullshit 

  • pete boro 3 years ago

    Do I think its genuine ? are you serious , chisora has shit himself , he,s
    done a haye , he bet 100 grand when he only wanted to bet 10 until fury
    made a laughing stock out of him, and he has realised not only would he
    loose the 100 grand he would also of been knocked the fuck clean out. total
    disgrace and a cowardly act . do not reply with bullshit trying to justify
    this blatant act of shithouseness , I dont want to read or hear it 

  • My Name is Mervyn 3 years ago

    I only drink carbonated water, no tap water. I might have Ribena &
    carbonated water sometimes when i get frisky. I love the bubbles, the
    greatest fucking drink. I wouldnt want to live without carbonated water.

  • Caomhan Brown 3 years ago

    I think it was a fractured hand man not a broken one. 

  • Nick Nolte 3 years ago

    tyson should be given the opportunity to take on klits anyway.. i mean,
    chisora got the shot, so bring it onnnn

  • clachifer 3 years ago

    Well damn, i was hoping for the upset and seeing Fury having his vile mouth
    shut wouldve been fun. Fury couldnt make british boxing look any worse. My
    dream is that Haye still fights him down the line and utterly embarrases
    him, but its doubtful at this stage.

  • clachifer 3 years ago

    Well damn, i was hoping for the upset and seeing Fury having his vile mouth
    shut wouldve been fun. Fury couldnt make british boxing look any worse. My
    dream is that Haye still fights him down the line and utterly embarrases
    him, but its doubtful at this stage.

  • David Moore 3 years ago

    he could have hurt his hand ,its not hard to do I always had injuries with
    mine when boxing ,it seems to me a lot of insulting idiots on this forum
    who know nothing about boxing .

  • boysie h 3 years ago

    Gutted was looking forward to this, that’s the only thing with boxing you
    can’t be sure it’s going to happen until both are in the ring

  • Hectical Steele 3 years ago

    gutted the next fight to look forward is Brook v Porter now . Hopefully
    that goes ahead.

  • Mathew Wall 3 years ago

    Seems fishy to me Wingy. Chisora had a sore hand over the weekend and found
    out it was broken, according to Warren. TBH Chisora and Charles looked less
    confident as the fight drew nearer, I think Chisora bottled it, this fight
    was make or break for him, his last chance, and I think he’s buying more
    prep time. Just my opinion though.

  • Ryan B 3 years ago

    well bollox anyways

  • Jason H 3 years ago

    First thing i’ve got to say is poor Fury three fights cancelled in a row
    imagine training for pretty much the whole year getting ready for those 3
    fights to have them all dropped, I can barely get up off the sofa to go for
    a jog let alone train for a fight lol, so I completely understand why Fury
    would be pissed.
    But I doubt Chisora dropped out on purpose he just doesn’t seem like the
    kind of guy to do it. 

  • booopdooop 3 years ago

    Well this is a no-brainer, Wilder now! as an eliminator for Wlad.. but you
    can bet it’ll be another bum instead.

  • lloyd t 3 years ago

    Very unlike Chisora to duck a fight, if that’s even the case. I suppose he
    has a lot more to lose now than he did before. He’s older now, on a winning
    streak, a loss to Fury at his age would be a massive setback and it would
    be difficult for Chisora to come back and challenge for the title again.
    Perhaps he will take a different route to challenge for the title again

  • Emeraldisle4ever 3 years ago

    They’ll Pay ‘Derek Chisora ‘ thow who’s from the middle of ‘Mugabes’
    Zimbabwe but yet they Grudge Paying ‘Tyson Fury ‘ who is of Gypsy roots,
    the Settled Community should be Ashamed of themselves, dirty Discrimination
    bigots that’s all they are, they’ll Welcome every Nationality over here to
    Ireland and England then the Foreigners raping there Daughter’s then but
    yet they Judge all ‘Travellers ‘ bad and it’s an absolute Disgrace, I
    really believe ‘Tyson Fury ‘ is the only one with the Bollocks to Fight now
    and yet he is Mocked but he is far from Joke, ‘Boxing Board Council’ are
    going to Ban ‘Fury ‘ soon because of his Antics at the ‘Chickensora’
    Conference and his Behaviour was Wrong but they’ll ban him anyway and Fact
    he is a ‘Gypsy’ will have a big say in his Banning. 

  • TheQwaggs 3 years ago

    This fucking sucks. WE have been listening to these 2 talk shit to each
    other for months now and there’s no fight!! Who ever runs Chisora’s camp
    should be pistol whipped. Hurting your hand this late is unacceptable. He
    shouldn’t be working that hard with the fight this close. Maybe we can
    have Fury come over here and fight Wilder I guess but man this bums me

  • Krishnan Venugopal 3 years ago

    Warren does this regularly in all his promotions , Main card gets pulled
    last minute after tickets are sold out, show goes ahead ….he reschedules
    and makes money for the same fight on 2 SHOWS!!!! what a fraud

  • AfroJack Jambo 3 years ago

    Fish Eye Frank Warren: “Del, fake injury…Tyson will get banned…you’ll
    still have a career & 100k in your pocket, plus I won’t have to cancel the
    event, I’ll still get paid & so will you…maybe we could even reschedule
    the fight…double bubble loadsa money” :))))

  • Lee Quinn 3 years ago

    tyson fury is a boxing joke. he is not funny. he can just about speak
    properly. he knows he could never beat klitscho. even wilder would ko him.
    david haye would humiliate him and win on points decision. if the chisora
    fight does happen. i think its an even fight but ill be on chisora’s side.

  • Emeraldisle4ever 3 years ago

    ‘PETE BORO’ I been reading your Comments and your Rite they are Stiching
    ‘Tyson Fury ‘ up and tagging him along they’ve been doing it all along,
    ‘David Haye ‘ done exactly the same thing was Due to Fight ‘Fury ‘ twice
    and he pulled out of each Fight, now ‘Chisora ‘ has done it and Apparently
    he has Fractured his hand in his last Sparring session and how ironic it
    was ‘David Haye ‘ who hurt his hand in his last Sparring session before his
    Fight with ‘Fury ‘ to, it’s aload of Bullshit and its a Scam and ‘Frank
    Warren’ Pale face is something to do with this Scam, wat it is that because
    ‘Tyson Fury ‘ is a Gypsy and they don’t want to give him Pay days the dirty
    Discrimination Scum. 

  • Dodgeprlk 3 years ago


  • southstaronline 3 years ago

    I wonder how he did that in training or sparring gloves.

    Ridiculous and very disappointing.

  • DTM4581 3 years ago

    The injury is genuine, stop messing about with childish gossip.