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  • Drew Simpson 3 years ago

    I wouldn’t of been able to sleep if you didn’t sing it wingy! Need that fix

  • JoeNealZecca 3 years ago

    I love this fight wingy boxing motherfucker its awesome Both exciting both
    super fast both powerful both have weak chins now fucking hell this will be

  • hyenachase f 3 years ago

    khan is a joke who does he think he is…

  • isa khan 3 years ago

    very good fight if it can be made it would be a 50/50 fight

  • vinamel97 3 years ago

    are you kidding me? Ahmir Khan gets beat by C class fighters beats Calazo
    now he wants Pacquio and Mayweather. Get pass Presscott you glass jaw

  • southstaronline 3 years ago

    Both need an opponent and the names they’re throwing out for Pacquiao
    (aside Danny Garcia) all sound horrible, this one doesn’t. Why not?

  • Umar Mahboob 3 years ago


  • Tetlee 3 years ago

    Uuuum, what happened to all the “I’ll never fight Pacquiao, we’re too good
    friends”? Senses a decline so now the friendship isn’t such an issue?

  • Tony Friedel 3 years ago

    Just heard that the Mayweather maidana rematch is confirmed for September

  • anUntouchable 3 years ago

    He will lose to both of them 100% and probably be put in a coma if he
    fights pacman.

    Khan may cause Floyd some problems early on with his speed but Floyd is too
    smart for him and once Floyd makes the adjustments its game over.

  • Marcus R 3 years ago

    Amir “ClinchKing” Khan

  • PhantomO01 3 years ago

    I mean it’s better than Pacquio having another rematch. For me it’s just
    ok–there is more interesting opposition IMO.

  • canufeelthe 3 years ago

    Pac kills Amir, but Amir kills Floyd but Floyd kills Pac.. styles make

  • darren bushby 3 years ago

    man this would be a great grudge match gotta love it. you know whats going
    on with brook wingy?

  • Eric Tyce 3 years ago

    LOL @ Amir Con .. he’s not even a champion .. fucking over-rated glass
    jawed clown

  • PhantomO01 3 years ago

    A M I R K H A N,,,,,,,,,,,,,,