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  • NBALakersNation 3 years ago

    What’s your guys Lakers starting five?

  • BinaryClash 3 years ago

    PG Lin-Nash-Clarkson
    SG Bryant-Young
    SF Henry-Johnson
    PF Boozer-Randle-Kelly
    C Hill-Davis-Sacre
    I’m not sure Randle could be the starting PF yet.Especially Clarkson.

  • May Nguyen 3 years ago

    Man the lakers are a good team now. I think they can make the conference
    finals but probably not the finals.

  • E-Rik M-money 3 years ago

    Henry at small foward? He is like 6’6. As much as i hate to say this but
    wesley has got to start he like 6’7, 6’8 he’ll be able to defend better and
    is more athletic.
    Starting 5: Bench:
    PG Lin Nash
    SG Kobe Young
    SFJohnson Henry
    PF Randle Boozer
    C Hill Davis
    Solid starting five while also keeping a competitive bench!

  • Ethan Uy 3 years ago

    noob move getting rid of Jodie and kendall

  • Djoker2418 3 years ago

    Boozer is the lazyest defender on a roster that includes Kobe Bryant 

  • John Blake 3 years ago

    PG Eric Bledsoe- Jeremy Lin- Deandre Kane
    SG Kobe Bryant- Nick Young- Jordan Clarkson
    SF Wesley Johnson- Michael Beasley- Xavier Henry
    PF Carlos Boozer- Ryan Kelly- Julius Randle
    C Emeka Okafor- Ed Davis- Xavier Gibson

  • xSTI1LMATICx 3 years ago

    PG = KOBE
    SG = KOBE
    SF = KOBE
    PF = KOBE
    C = KOBE

  • cmorales2831 3 years ago

    No defense again yay!

  • zAlmightyKing 3 years ago

    PG: Jesus
    SG: Kobe
    SF: Nick
    PF: God
    C: Hill

  • wbstevee 3 years ago

    nash is old he is prob not going to play much, i feel like he will get
    injured again really soon after he comes back from the injury.

  • KINGGOR21 3 years ago

    Starting 5: Bench:
    PG Lin Nash
    SG Kobe Henry
    SF Johnson Young
    PF Boozer Randle
    C Hill Davis

  • xAZNiNjaXx5 3 years ago

    PG- Lin-Clarkson-Nash ( It is gonna be a full on rotation at the PG
    position. I am really cautious about Nash’s health. I want him to play as
    much as he can).
    SG- Bryant-Young ( Not really sure if Swaggy is an SG or SF so I’ll put him
    at SG behind Kobe. I don’t feel like Swaggys game can go along with Kobe. I
    put him off the bench as our 6th man so he can be you know sort of like the
    Kobe off the bench)
    SF- Henry-Johnson ( Overall, X is the better overall player)
    PF- Randle-Boozer-Davis-Kelly (Now I feel like Randle is a day one starter.
    I feel like he can learn from Boozer while he is starting. Boozer and
    possibly Nash can succeed in the Pick N Roll. Byron Scott will have to
    figure out Ed Davis and Ryan Kelly. Both versatile players with good
    potential. Both are good projects. Possibly setting up for the future along
    with Randle.)
    C- Hill-Sacre (No question, Hill, plays all 48 minutes a game. Rebounds,
    defends, and can develop a post game. Sacre, well cheerleading is always a
    need…jk but he can give you some excitement off the bench with Boozer,
    Clarkson, and the rest of the players.)

  • LAL FORLIFE 3 years ago

    Manu Ginobili will join the Lakers and become the next Steve Nash.

    Seriously though, I think we’re seeing a change of approach by the Lakers
    these days. And I think we’re starting to build a team around Randle. He’s
    definitely a star, just watch the 2013 NIKE Hoop Summit, and you’ll see how
    big a presence he is out there in a game in which Wiggins, Embiid and
    Parker are on the same court, he and Parker kept the US alive against the
    World Select (Wiggins and Embiid on World Team). The offense was going
    through him, and the team was obviously built around him. And J-Lin can
    definitely help Randle in a lot ways, especially because J-Lin is 2nd in
    the NBA (LeBrick 1st) last season driving the basketball to the hoop, he
    really slash a lot, and his misses are very offensive-reboundable by
    Randle. He can also out-run anyone, that’s why we got reserve bangers like
    Ed Davis and Boozer. Wes Johnson, Young and Xavier will be great running
    mates on a fastbreak situation. I hope we get guys like Omer Asik or that
    Australian big in GSWarriors or Marc Gasol, international bigs who can bang
    inside and run a euro-style game like that of the Spurs. And Kobe, he’s a
    big fan of international style, and he’s not what most people think he is.
    Kob’s game can definitely thrive in a euro system, just think of a black
    Manu Ginobili.

    I don’t like Byron Scott running this team, I like them to play a D’Antoni
    style, but we had enough of the Mikes, so I think we should find someone in

    I’m sure Jack Nicholson will love it.

  • smowkdaddy 3 years ago

    Kobe needs to go to NY to finish out his 2 years! I don’t think at this
    stage by staying in LA they will progress! Especially after the comment
    Kobe made about free agency! I say this with all due respect for Kobe and
    what he has done!

  • Glen Batac 3 years ago

    The old man is smoking crack. His starting 5 is whack.

  • chantu mantu 3 years ago

    For Offense:

    For Defense:

    Starting 5:

    Surprise player: Henry. When he is on he can be a notch below All Star
    level. Don’t be surprised to see him average 15 pts, 6 rebs, 3 assists.
    Also I think if Ryan Kelly improves his handles he is an excellent option
    offensively off the bench.

  • Van Mo 3 years ago

    Julius Randle with the second unit will be fun to watch, him alongside
    Young will be fun to watch. The most intriguing for me is when he comes off
    the bench for Boozer and plays alongside Hill. 2 bullies in the paint that
    gets a lot of rebounds. We haven’t had that in a long time. Coach Scott can
    also choose to go quicker with Davis, Randle, Young, Clarkson and Lin.

  • NateMirk 3 years ago

    I really don’t think Nash should start.

  • Truthteller Tv 3 years ago

    I say put Wesley Johnson at small forward hes quick,long or tall, got 3
    point range and he can drive with dominance because hes faster than most
    SF’s in the league

  • Abigail Gabel 3 years ago

    PG: Lin
    SG: Bryant
    SF: Young
    PF: Boozer
    C: Hill

    This lineup would be pretty solid. They just need a good center. And we
    already lost the best one the NBA had to offer last season. (Not that Kobe
    and Dwight could of ever played well together.)

  • MrProfessor24 3 years ago

    Steve Nash
    Kobe Bryant
    Wesley Johnson
    Carlos Boozer
    Jordan Hill

    Wesley Johnson for defensive purposes. We have some scoring with Kobe and
    Boozer. Bring up a solid bench with Lin, Henry, Randle, Davis, Kelly and

  • jonathan avice 3 years ago

    Poor Kobe having to play on that roster looks more like your usual
    Charlotte , milwaukee or New Orleans roster, it must feel weird to him
    playing with a bunch of rejects…

  • Tom Pitt 3 years ago

    Nash will start over Lin, just because he’s Steve Nash. Lin will get more
    minutes played, so here’s how I have the roster:
    PG Nash (20-25min)-Lin(26-28min)-Clarkson
    SG Bryant-Henry
    SF Johnson (Defensive purposes+6’7)-Young (6th man scorer, like last year)
    PF Boozer(for now)-Randle-Kelly
    C Hill-Davis-Sacre

  • Adrian Mui 3 years ago

    If only the Lakers picked Lin up months earlier, Mike D’Antoni would be
    thrilled. I think they could have made some magic this following season..