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  • kwbsystems 4 years ago

    What’s more important than using performance enhancing drug? Having a rich
    jeweler father & a brother that’s a lawyer. That’s why Odesnik is back
    playing a year later. That-and the snitch factor.

  • jtatsiue 4 years ago

    Check out the blog, tennis has a steroid problem

  • Tennis Now 4 years ago

    @FF18Cloud They help a player’s muscles recover faster which gives him the
    advantage to always be at 100% without soreness or injuries bothering him.

  • jtatsiue 4 years ago

    Another slate magazine quote, “Sports like cycling and track and
    field—which have had far worse drug problems than tennis—figured out long
    ago that it’s best to test athletes outside competition. But last year,
    tennis performed just 91 out-of-competition tests. The International
    Cycling Union, by contrast, did more than 2,000 such tests.” So there you
    have it. The ITF testing policies are ineffectual, lame and actually
    encourage cheating.

  • jtatsiue 4 years ago

    Anyone alleged to have used steroids, especially if they’ve been
    ridiculously successful, is probably guilty of it. Case in point, Lance
    Armstrong. A federal probe is underway and according to Greg LeMond, a
    former US cyclist, the evidence against Armstrong is, “overwhelming”.
    Tennis players juice. So far, none of the big names have been implicated
    BUT I suspect that eventually one of the marquee players will be outed.

  • Angelo Dracoulis 4 years ago

    Wayne Odesnik is wrong to say tennis players are tested more than any other
    sports. Serina Williams had no out of competition testing for 2 years. 2010
    and 2011.

  • advantage73 4 years ago

    WOW! Human Growth Hormones! C’MON can you really blame him? Apparently,
    urine samples/tests can not detect this substance, therefore, who really
    knows unless your cought red-handed! Anyway, 2011!!! Here we come!!!! ~PLAY
    loud, DANCE hard!..ENJOY! Greetings and cheeeers from Los Angeles,
    California! ;)–(;););))))));););(0)

  • wazo89 4 years ago

    if people think he us the only one in tennis who is on hgh then they are
    sadly mistaken. i suspect its rife in tennis but nobody involved wants to
    tell the truth for fear of destroying of the sport.

  • Charusho 4 years ago

    His ears look almost fake! Steroids affected them?

  • jtatsiue 4 years ago

    @FF18Cloud, wrong, the increased production of testosterone actually leads
    to greater visual, spatial neural processing, i.e. it gives you better
    hand-eye coordination. I heard a university doctor in St. Louis speak about
    this shortly after Big Mac rejoined the St. Louis Cardinals after he
    finally, at long, anti-climatic last, admitted to using PEDs. Also, tennis
    players would benefit from the limitless stamina that drugs promote, that’s
    why cyclists take steroids, few of them are buff.

  • FF18Cloud 4 years ago

    @jtatsiue o wow, i never knew… now i kno… its sad these things r real,
    cept 4 those who need it medically

  • Josh Pugsley 4 years ago

    @FF18Cloud Are u retarded?!? It doesn’t JUST make u buff…It makes u
    stronger, faster, have better endurance, recover more quickly, hit harder,
    have better contrl and have better hand-eye co-ordination. And that’s just
    steroids..there’s also EPO, HGH, many steroid types, customized steroids
    and a bunch other shit..Honestly I love tennis with a passion and hope it’s
    not dirty but…..look at serena and others. I mean, it’s not the tough to
    outsmart the testing especially when the testing is bad

  • FF18Cloud 4 years ago

    and, now when I think about it, why cant he just use medical tape to
    prevent injury? or before injury?

  • BadgerPM 4 years ago

    @FF18Cloud medical tape doesnt come coated in magic potion….it can’t
    prevent all injuries from occuring or protect already existing them…

  • FF18Cloud 4 years ago

    o_O wow… wait, how do steroids actually help some1 in the sport? i mean,
    it just makes u buffer, that just leads to uncontrolled balls

  • FF18Cloud 4 years ago

    @TennisNowTV o, now that make loads of sense, thx XD

  • joepod 4 years ago

    Nice report! But lose the pink lea please!

  • jtatsiue 4 years ago

    @AceGuitarR7, agreed, perhaps Armstrong shouldn’t be exposed or singled out
    when the entire sport is awash in PED abuse. I guess the same could be said
    of Barry Bonds who was clearly the most talented juiced ball player in an
    era tainted by the rampant PED use.

  • jtatsiue 4 years ago

    Johnny Mac said that tennis players are tested more than any other
    athletes, uh, WRONG. Most of the tests are NOT “out-of-competition” which
    means they are never truly random but Mac is right, HGH isn’t one of the
    substances tested. Consider the timing of the tests. “Nearly all of
    tennis’s drug testing was conducted during competitions—major tournaments
    like the Australian Open, Roland Garros, and Wimbledon. But most doping
    activity occurs during training, not actual competition.” slate.com