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  • doowopfan 4 years ago

    14:45. he hugged the official. Nice.

  • Matty OD 4 years ago

    great video… I forgot what a brutal runner he was… looking for the
    contact…gotta love it…. warrior!

  • Gunner Keith 4 years ago

    Payton was the best of all time. If you went and asked Jim Brown who’s
    better he’ll tell you Payton. The closest their will ever be to another
    Payton is Adrian Peterson. But still, he does not compare to Walter Payton.

  • Conlaoch Cattan 4 years ago

    In my opinion one of the 2 greatest football players of all time. Jim
    Thorpe and Walter Payton. If you don’t know who Thorpe was he was the 1st
    president of the APFA which became the NFL. No one I would put on his level
    of greatness except Payton. Even in todays game of faster stronger players
    those 2 remain forever at the top.

  • Nicholas Josso-Martin 4 years ago

    but dah bears still suck

  • sirwaxalot 4 years ago

    Thanks for this, great highlight reel worthy of Sweetness

  • Scooby Carr 4 years ago

    Walter will always be the king of NFL rushers. Adrian Peterson, Tony
    Dorsett and Earl Campbell make up some of the finest rushers, but Mr.
    Payton is still the king of the NFL. Even in passing, he is still the ruler
    both on and off the football field. May God bless you and keep you

  • Jackson Putnam 4 years ago

    is he wearing a ROOR bong headband?

  • LeadoffChain55 4 years ago

    Wow..wonderfully made. Brings back good memories of my childhood.

  • martin barrington 4 years ago

    Thank you for a great video that gave me a very warm feeling of 1985. One
    of the best year of my life!

  • Conlaoch Cattan 4 years ago

    I was so sad when he retired from the bears. Miss you always and forever

  • Russ Carlson 4 years ago

    Walter Payton the best back to ever play the game. Someone later asked if
    we ever heard of Earl Campbell. Yes a great running back, but Payton was
    better. Even Gale Sayers was better than Earl Campbell. Emmit Smith holds
    the record for the most rushing yards…still not as good as Walter
    Payton. When God made Walter Payton he broke the mold…there will never
    be another Walter Payton. The closest one comes is Adrian Peterson, but
    still not as good. I was a season ticket holder for the Bears during Gale
    Sayers career, and then Walter Payton. Both of them ran behind a mediocre
    offensive line; not the line that so many of the others had. It wasn’t
    until later in Walter’s career in Payton’s career did he have a good line.
    Nope…nobody is better than Walter Payton. RIP Walter.

  • Zach Warnstedt 4 years ago

    Thank you Sweetness your truly are the BEST running back of all time HANDS

  • jack gilt 4 years ago

    Jim brown is still the best but
    walter #2

  • Brazy Blazer 4 years ago


  • Jared Kern 4 years ago

    the GOTA. and the toughest man on and off the field. he kicked cancers ass.
    its sad that it got to his liver. he probably would have made it too. he
    was such a sweet hearted man too. always helping out with his community.
    there needs to be more people like Walter Payton in the world. R.I.P Walter
    Payton. we all love and miss you

  • RalphGoBanana 4 years ago

    Wow… Woww… WOW!! One of greatest athletes in all sports

  • Michael Dominguez 4 years ago

    Man GOAT

  • Jim Wingert 4 years ago

    There will never be another Sweetness. R.I.P.

  • Official RhetTtawrme 4 years ago

    BAR NONE. Most complete running back ever. And best highlights for a
    running back ever!

  • Djuan Porter 4 years ago

    Walter Payton was the most compete football player that ever lived, his
    leaping ability was insane.

  • David Bleichroth 4 years ago

    If he was still around, the NFL would be making rules to protect defensive

  • Bobby Croom 4 years ago

    Great video!! My 11 year old son is a running back/quarterback and will be
    watching this vid. Thanks for posting.

  • Philip Kenning 4 years ago

    I grew up a Bears fan in NW Indiana, watched his entire career and got to
    see him in his last regular season game at the LA Coliseum. There will
    never be another Walter Payton, simply the best!