Darrell Wallace Jr. celebrates in Victory Lane after claiming a second Martinsville clock in a victory he felt was meant to be. For more NASCAR news, check o…




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  • Noah Coleman 3 years ago

    What a great tribute. And for those of you saying that this was rigged
    because they didn’t throw the caution, think about it this way: Max Gresham
    drove away; if they threw a caution, most NASCAR fans would be saying that
    the caution was stupid and unnecessary. Besides, Darrell probably would’ve
    won anyway- he was just that good.

  • Aaron Denson 3 years ago

    I can’t wait for him to get to Nationwide. Imagine if he joined Hendrick/JR
    motors ports with Chase elliot next season

  • barneynward 3 years ago

    Wendell Scott would be proud of him.

  • StickguyMB 3 years ago

    I hope that car gets made into a ‘race won’ diecast. I WOULD BUY IT!

  • Patrick Star 3 years ago

    Bubba ran a great race. Congratz

  • Brandon Butler 3 years ago

    @0:25 it sounds like Bubba says S***. 

  • shelw18 3 years ago

    Congratulation Bubba on the win at Martinsville with the Wendell Scott
    paint scheme. Why doesn’t Bubba Wallace have a primary sponsor? How many
    races does he have to win to get that. Danica hasn’t won yet and she has
    multiple sponsors. Being a black man is hard no matter how successful you
    are. smh

  • rd47blog 3 years ago

    Naw, NASCAR not rigged, right?

  • Corwin Russell 3 years ago