Moses Malone is an American former National Basketball Association (NBA) basketball player who also played in the American Basketball Association (ABA), as w…
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  • bigdaddywbl 3 years ago

    I loved that “Rebound” commercial he did in the mid-80′s for Converse (?)

  • starwinmarwin 3 years ago

    @thegreatestchallenge you said wilt is physical dominance? Did you never
    see wilt score his points?

  • lagosdre 3 years ago

    yeaph, say goodbye to Phil finals and championships. and you would have
    seen the celtics in the Nba finals from 81 till 88…

  • AMAUROSISFUGAX2000 3 years ago

    common dont say that Player

  • bootiack 3 years ago

    for the love off all the living jews please edit out the taliking

  • WiltatKansas 3 years ago


  • Mick A 3 years ago

    Without a doubt! Hands down. He taught Hakeem much of his game. No wonder
    they are each in the top 5 of all time.

  • mookeychase0907 3 years ago

    @stere0brain Exactly you don’t see many work horses like Wilt, Wes Unseld,
    Moses and the other physical guys of the 70s and 80s NBA.

  • jeffnfoxylady1 3 years ago

    you hit it right on those points

  • breyzh2jahkady 3 years ago

    @bettydaw1970 They guy was basically the greatest athlete of his time,
    maybe more (google “wilt chamberlain high jump” and just look at the sheer
    awesomeness of the 1st picture), but he was well known to miss practices.
    He was, like, a Greek Half-God, so he didn’t really need to train to play
    50 minutes a night as the best player in the world.

  • 25AInMR25 3 years ago

    @bettydaw1970 very very true, but shaq wasn’t in his prime when he was
    dominated ! And hakeem didn’t dominate with his strenght, but rather with
    footwork and positioning, knowing how to use his lower body, exactly like
    moses !

  • stere0brain 3 years ago

    @mookeychase0907 ya no kiddin…. they had espn classic on earlier of 76
    finals…. westphal silas havlicek cowens it was awesome!

  • jespacey 3 years ago

    Point-center yun p’re..parang si magic pero mas frontcourt lumaro…

  • weldingmachine1959 3 years ago

    nadali mo!

  • Bobby Marsh 3 years ago

    best center during the 80′s

  • Mick A 3 years ago

    Philly wasn’t so great either, after he left. Erving was not pleased with
    that trade and said so. He was proven right.

  • Najee Nixon 3 years ago

    Yeah, you right. I forgot about that. You know what I think? I think that
    Kobe Bryant, Jason Kidd and Steve Nash will play close to 20 years too. Its
    a possibility. What do you think?

  • JayJay Jay 3 years ago

    Shaq circa 92-2000 would have this guy for breakfast look at those chicken
    arms at 3:22

  • Víctor José Camarena Rodríguez 3 years ago

    @najeenixonnixon John Stockton did play for 19 very productive years…

  • bettydaw1970 3 years ago

    @phraedusthamusicdigr….strength comes from the hips and the
    shoulders..not beach muscles, and moss was a kangaroo, quiskleaper.. heck
    shaq got dominated by hakeem when hakeem was in his prime..

  • bettydaw1970 3 years ago

    @breyzh2jahkady he avergaged over 48 minutes per game..not a workhorse?

  • bettydaw1970 3 years ago

    how great was moses? look at houstons record the year after he left..

  • thegreatestchallenge 3 years ago

    there’re 3 types of center: shaq,wilt = physical dominance;
    kareemduncanOlajuwon = finess; russell,Malone = willpowerworkethics; Its
    not that strange to believe that will power might be just as important as
    physical or intellectual, if not more

  • Najee Nixon 3 years ago

    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Robert Parish, Moses Malone and Kevin Willis each
    played for 20 years or more. They showed us that the age is nothing but a
    number. It’s just a state of mine.

  • Erik Schneider 3 years ago

    Moses Malone was simply a bull with a lot of skill. Someone who was almost
    impossible to boxout because of his brute strength, quickness and