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  • Noah Anthony 3 years ago

    Upload the video of Stewart ramming keselowski on pit road…..

  • SUPEREEVEEMASTER 3 years ago

    I was happy that he won because he’s had at least had 5 wins taken away.

  • Noah Coleman 3 years ago

    Not the first time he’s won and there was a massive fight in the garage

  • Patrick Star 3 years ago

    Kevin finally shakes off the dry spell

  • Brad L 3 years ago

    Bout time Harvick won!

  • Hadès Azazel 3 years ago

    bravo à Harwick depuis le temps qu’il dois gagner, mais que dire de la
    course de Johnson? son dernier arret c’était n importe quoi, de 4è il fini
    16è, cette année je vois Kyle Busch champion avec se système de chase
    ridicule, tout 1 saison sur 1 course c’est n’importe quoi. c’était mieux
    quand tous les points comptés, au moins le champion était légitime, là un
    Newman peut être champion, avec une saison pareil. j’éspère qu’à Miami les
    4 derniers sortent de la piste pour montrer à la nascar le ridicule de
    cette chase.

  • Kevin L. 3 years ago

    What fucking good is uploading a full race video here if all the post-race
    winner’s circle videos are posted before the race video itself???

    For us folks in other countries, we LOVE that NASCAR is making the full
    race available — but we don’t want to know the results first.

    It’s an easy fix — dedicate one page to the full race replays, and stack
    the spoiler videos elsewhere.

  • JohnAllanification 3 years ago

    a damn football game here cut into/wiped out all pre-race,start and
    almost quarter of event football some higher-up brainless fuck
    think’s that ..

  • Nater gater99 3 years ago

    Nice job 

  • zombieplayer2119 3 years ago

    Woop! #4TheWin

  • nascar2090 3 years ago

    Wish they would upload the video of Keselowski driving erratically in the
    Garage area and doing the burnouts inside the garage building. Apparently
    it was on the Victory Lane Show.

  • anandguruji83 3 years ago