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  • Dagohoy Bryan 3 years ago


  • nicaborn 3 years ago

    This kid is saying that Arum promised him Pacquiao if he looks impressive
    in his next fight. Pacquiao would completely overwhelm this kid.

  • luis vargas 3 years ago

    Good fight. It honestly looked like Vargas gassed out big time

  • TheCell8 3 years ago

    Novikov got robbed…

  • Misael Cartagena 3 years ago

    I hate judging based off 34 seconds, but Manny would eat this kid alive. No
    reason why any word should be spoken about this fight. If not Floyd vs
    Manny fight, I wanna see Manny fight Amir Khan. I like Danny Garcia so I
    don’t wanna see Danny lose against Manny, my favorite fighter.

  • Harold Hernandez 3 years ago

    Jessie Vargas lost that fight. He lost computer-box stats and ring general
    ship. His body language says it all.

  • Demoniiiic 3 years ago

    Vargas now has 2 losses.

  • el cuajinais el cuajis 3 years ago

    Ahuevo los mexicanos somos vien perros para los putasos,viva mexico

  • Javier Alvarez 3 years ago

    It was a draw… at least.

  • tooblasted 3 years ago

    score cards were complete bullshit, Novikov deserved the win or atleast a

  • denise morles 3 years ago

    vargas le gano a el russo ese

  • C CRUX 3 years ago

    THE FIX WAS IN : at a minimum a DRAW : VARGAS LOST ; judges corrupt

  • Moishe Moishele 3 years ago

    you cant really call it a win. just couning the punches, novikov won by the
    good margin. now, the BS he landed more power punches is not the way many
    people saw it. even ringsiders said the russian has no chance if the bout
    goes to score cards. If Kovalev did not have the power, he would have the
    same destiny as his hometowon buddy Novikov… too bad, the only way to
    beat boxing corruption is to knock people out….

  • Moishe Moishele 3 years ago

    what really sucks, that no one will fight Novikov knowing how tough this
    mofo is… and he really has no future making $$ in US…

  • MrSwole951 3 years ago

    Not a robbery but definetely not a unanimous decision fight either

  • tuskbrown4826 3 years ago

    Серега красава!

  • Ivan Cabrera 3 years ago

    He better step up his conditioning.. Other than that good fight