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  • Hassad Abbass 3 years ago

    this was the worst world basket championship ever.. u have to admit. all
    team was shit except USA. now serbians think they are strong becoz they
    reached the final, face the reality u know that this serbian team is not
    good, u just got lucky to be in final… spain france or lithuania are
    better teams…

  • Voždon 3 years ago

    In this time USA is the best, but Serbia deserve 2nd place (only Serbia
    make more of 90 points against USA in this tournament! ) ;)

  • Randyy1 3 years ago

    Naravno da ih je htela trojka kad je smradovima trojka inace metar iza ove
    nase, tako da su nas busili samo tako…

  • Milosrdni Andzeo 3 years ago

    fuckin serbitch

  • Ploni Almoni 3 years ago

    Congratulations team USA. Way ahead of the rest of the world. A team of
    young, ambitious , hard working players who deserved to celebrate winning
    the title.
    Hopefully more of the same in 2016.

  • Henry Pan 3 years ago

    Irving is a beast!!!!!

  • J. mes 3 years ago

    spain sana kinamatch nila..

  • Phil Am 3 years ago

    the final game was a boring game… I already predict who’s going to win
    before they even started the game..

  • Dejan Petrovic 3 years ago

    The best white team in world against the almost best DOPED black team in
    the world…

    Fair enough.

  • Weslie Villejo 3 years ago

    GG Serbia. Team USA too stronk!

  • Che Guevarra 3 years ago

    Raduljica is from Kosova Albania. True

  • DINO92AVFC 3 years ago

    This is exceptional success for serbian basketball. They had a lot of
    injured players, so young players had to fill their place (non of serbian
    players from this team currently play in NBA) and they just got the new
    coach, Sasha Djordjevic. He said before the tournament started that he’d
    like to reach quarter finals, because this is brand new, young team with
    also a brand new young coach. Serbian players couldn’t stand a chance
    against the NBA beasts from USA and they knew it for the start, but if you
    consider the fact that USA have 2 million professional basketball players,
    and little Serbia around 40.000, you can see that it’s a great success to
    Congrats to USA team, their shooting was flawless, especially from Kyrie
    Irving. Only thing I really didn’t like from the whole evening is Kenneth
    Faried’s unsportsmanship, when a couple of times serbian players gave him a
    hand, and he refused to give it back. I like fair and respectful game, but
    that was just rude and disrespectful.

  • sranjesuper 3 years ago

    Funny team USA is all black. That’s not a real representation of the
    country. Team Serbia is all white because 99% are white in there. USA is
    mixed, so they should represent a mixed country, not just all black sports
    men because we know blacks train basketball the most in America.

  • klenezinjo 3 years ago

    Who knows maybe after this game it will be alowed these monkeys to drive in
    same bus as real Americans.

  • Ball4life 3 years ago

    Harden played exceptionally well.

  • Jakiiz Jambo 3 years ago

    USA taking care of that SerBitch Ass LMFOA

  • PEPE HONGUITO 3 years ago

    congratulations! the country of war won. the all world hate usa politics,
    but in basketball kick ass! lol.

  • RedsUnited25 3 years ago

    All trash talk aside we can all look at this video and see the awful
    defense by Serbia. You don’t leave players with that much space behind the
    3 point line when they are on fire. You are just asking for trouble. Also
    where is the bigs in the low post boxing out for the defensive rebounds?
    These mistakes add up and before you know it the game is out of hand.
    Mental mistakes cost Serbia big in this game.

  • Mowlana Cruu 3 years ago

    USA will always win this tournament 

  • Jimmy Camello 3 years ago

    Congrats Serbia ! You’ved done your best in basketball. Your ranking now is

  • jkcrusher18 3 years ago

    too easy. There’s the USA, then everybody else. It’s not even close.

  • Milan Radovich 3 years ago

    Wheres mirotic..wheres pekovic …goran dragic?(slovenia..but hes

  • LiangHuBBB 3 years ago

    no Lebron ,durant,melo,cp3,blake griffin, Dwight or wade?
    damn usa 2 stronk

  • zingGodin 3 years ago

    nba talent pool is on another level

  • Phu Uong 3 years ago

    harden’s defense still bad