3 incredible National football league Trick Plays. Great as well as in HighDef ) http://www.nfl-news.info/ http://www.nfl-news.info/nfl-jerseys-c-1.html.
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  • gamelvr1 4 years ago

    The only one that was special was the fake fair catch. Both the others are
    standard trick plays

  • samxyx 4 years ago

    It’s such a shame they called back the fake punt return.

  • Andrew McCarney 4 years ago

    The fake fair catch was called back… is it a top play if it doesn’t

  • Ashton Conley 4 years ago

    The first one was just a flea flicker.

  • chance dutton 4 years ago

    you people are insane… it isn’t just a flea flicker, it is a flea flicker
    with the best execution from the running back i have ever seen

  • veryslyfox 4 years ago

    So one of these plays didn’t really happen, and the other was in a
    meaningless preseason game. Lame choices for a video

  • Cubroncs03 4 years ago

    Thumbs down for not knowing what a flea-flicker is called (the 1st play).

    1. It’s not really that much of a trick play anymore.

    2. Not knowing the name of such a well-known play means you should not be
    pretending you are enough of a football fan to decide which are the “Top 3″

  • johnathan chisom 4 years ago

    Now let’s talk about the third play… it was when I was 2 minutes old…
    and I was fresh out of my mommas vagina, the ball was snapped and the
    kicker was auditioning to become Van Halens next lead singer, there was so
    much confusion going on at one time that the man with the ball found
    himself I’m cheetohs crunch heaven

  • toxicfork 4 years ago

    Dammit bears…

  • Psyclone Smith 4 years ago

    Did you just pick the first 3 trick plays you could find?

    1) A flea flicker (which happens at least a dozen times a year, btw) that
    doesn’t go for a touchdown due to a poor throw.

    2) A play that doesn’t even count and ends up being a 10-yard loss.

    3) A preseason game in which half the players won’t be on the opening day

    The only one that is even eligible was the first play, and it was a below
    average flea flicker. That play probably isn’t even in the top 100 NFL
    flea flickers off all time.

  • ihatefootball 4 years ago

    no, I, unlike most people, have seen too many former NFL players who have
    had their entire lives ruined and end up dying from Alzheimer’s, dementia,
    CTE, etc. as a result of playing football

  • SunFlightx 4 years ago

    i still haven’t seen a single replay showing a hold on that play. it’s
    because there wasn’t one..

  • Ononto Jibon 4 years ago

    Football is a very popular game in America.

  • Cesar Cardenas 4 years ago

    first one is called a flea flicker

  • Brennan Hickey 4 years ago

    Where is “Music City Miracle” or “The Immaculate Reception”. These plays
    really aren’t that spectacular

  • dc44indy 4 years ago

    that knox td may have been the worst call in nfl history

  • Rashad daMan 4 years ago

    I don’t think these are the top 3 best in the NFL

  • ssvoogel 4 years ago

    The fake punt was by the Tennessee Oilers, not the Titans. They only
    started playing as the Titans the following year.

  • Steven Haines 4 years ago

    No excuse for the flick to be underthrown like that. Easy TD right there.

  • Carlos Rogerio 4 years ago

    why that play doesnt count? i dont know too much about football

  • Peter Fitch 4 years ago

    The seahawks did that first one this weekend and it was actually a
    touchdown! Go Hawks

  • Sam Peront 4 years ago

    have u ever seen a patriots game, they get a touchdown from a fake pretty
    much every game. Epic fail.

  • Keeth Stone 4 years ago

    a penalty isnt a “Top Trick Play”. its a penalty

  • aro327 4 years ago

    bears fan i remember that return like it was yesterday. greatest play worst
    penalty. there was no penalty

  • Angel Cardenas 4 years ago

    #1 Flea Flicker