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  • MARTY BOSTON 3 years ago

    Best hitter the past few years hands down. 

  • mikebri527 3 years ago

    It’s hard to say for sure but it looks like he leaves his feet in a lot of
    those hits. Leaving your feet on a hit should be a penalty but seems that
    it’s not called enough.

  • Pens Suck 3 years ago

    Fools can’t understand the difference between jumping before you hit and
    leaving the ice upon contact. He is a vicious hitter, a predator on the
    ice, or at least he was. I miss the old Rinaldo.

  • Freeride907 3 years ago

    You go Rinaldo! KILL

  • Fidget 3 years ago

    10 hits, 10 jumps. also ugly as fuck

  • John Smith 3 years ago

    I love Zac Rinaldo.

  • Barley Mob 3 years ago

    There’s not many players in the NHL that weigh less than Rinaldo does yet
    he still crushes people. Shows how strong he actually is on his skates.

  • badfish1111 3 years ago

    I’m so tired of this “he’s a clean hitter…he’s a dirty hitter debate”.
    With guys like Matt Cooke, Steve Ott, Raffi Torres, Brooks Orpik, Chris
    Neil, the brothers Ruutu, Maxim Lapierre and Brad Marchand running around,
    how can anyone say Rinaldo is a dirty hitter? For the amount and sheer
    velocity of the hits he makes he’s one of the cleanest in the league. He’s
    not perfect…but when you hit like he does you’re going to cross the line
    and ruffle a few feathers from time to time. One thing he does is TRY to
    play the game he does with class and dignity and that’s more than you can
    say for ALOT of other guys. Go and google “NHL’s dirtiest hitters” and see
    what the professional hockey writers have to say. People who get paid to
    know these things. Rinaldo’s name is NEVER mentioned. It’s only jealous
    armchair “experts” who throw his name into the debate. Ya’ll just jealous
    he ain’t on YOUR team.

  • olney28 3 years ago

    I’m sold

  • Ryan McEwen 3 years ago

    Not a big fan of the type of person that Rinaldo is, but a lot of those
    hits were clean and should not have been penalties. He came in with speed
    and caught them unsuspecting, but they were not hits to the head, he did
    not leave his feet, and he took a glide into all of those hits. The only
    debateable one was number 7, and i still think it was clean, it was just a
    little late.

  • HKmusic 3 years ago

    He’s a beauty!

  • Ronald Hanlon 3 years ago

    Of the seven hits Rinaldi was involved and he left his feet seven out of 10

  • 75K Subscribers Without Any Videos 3 years ago

    Believe it or not, I know Zac Rinaldo IRL, He knows my cousin and me and my
    cousin and him went go-karting :D It was sick. Very cool guy

  • beavismcquevis5 3 years ago

    cry about it, last player that’s that short that can hit

  • GunslingingHavocHD 3 years ago

    the hits were clean but the fight wasnt after that blow that knocked the
    other guy to his knees rinaldo should have stopped.

  • iCapitah 3 years ago

    Every single one of these hit are clean as can be. I think he’s the best
    hitter in the league. The fight was a little ify he did kinda get 2 extra
    punches to the jaw in but other than that all I can say is WOW. He’s 5’11″
    and doesn’t even weigh 170 pounds (169). Thats amazing.

  • by2004 3 years ago

    Boychuk you little bitch

  • Dzh123 3 years ago

    You not allowed to jump when you hit. Not a clean hitter

  • collingoat 3 years ago

    He is definitely one of those guys that other teams hate but you’d love if
    you had him on your team. His hits always come early & they set a tone.
    After he has an open ice hit, the other team comes & roughs him up like
    clockwork & they get a penalty…he’s gotten really good at it over the
    last few months. 

  • forzasteken 3 years ago

    Every team nead a Zac Rinaldo…i’m just glad that he’s in Flyers know. And
    too these o thinks his hits are ugly, just look at Kronwall that jumps in
    on avery tackle that he makes…

  • Matt D 3 years ago

    You see, his hits are huge but he is pretty tiny. 5’11″ and 170lbs, and
    demonic hits? Incredible! You would expect some of these good hits from
    Keith Primeau or Big E but not really from a little guy lol.

  • Crimson Bear 3 years ago

    Ronaldo is a COWARD. I haven’t seen any hits where the recipient is aware
    that he’s coming. He seeks out the unaware and the ones in vulnerable
    positions. Chicken shit if you ask me.

  • Philadelphia Flyers Fan 3 years ago

    Look at cute little elf ST. Louis at 4:33

  • Jordan Waters 3 years ago

    Playoffs are here!!!!

  • Tomáš Cabadaj 3 years ago

    Rinaldo is not hit guy. he just abuses blind side and he catchs
    unprepared players