Check out the top gravity defying posterizing dunks of the 2013-2014 season! About the NBA: The NBA is the premier professional basketball league in the Unit…
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  • jackson jiang 3 years ago

    the 3rd play was barely a dunk he just threw it it

  • jimmy6700 3 years ago

    Haters be like : “LeBron shouldn’t be on this list”

    I be like : “3peat bitches!”

  • FiyahMuzik 3 years ago

    Xavier Henry disrespected again. That Terrence Ross dunk is getting more &
    more overrated with every video they post. Nice dunk, but not #1.

  • Evil LeBron 3 years ago

    “Both of my dunks had EVIL intentions.” – Evil LeBron

  • dolphinfootball27 3 years ago

    Miami is going to fuck the Spurs up in the finals. LeBron and Wade will go

  • Jayson Williams 3 years ago

    #3 isn’t even a dunk if you look closely. He throws it in the hoop.

  • Sameh Aladin 3 years ago

    why the fuck Lebron fames dunks are called Posterizing? that’s normal
    contact dunk. they were trying to take charge and he just dunked. it’s only
    defined as Posterizing if someone is trying to block your shot. i see no
    one tried to block it because it’s clear they were guards!

  • GroveStreetAsylum 3 years ago

    What’s with the dunks on guys trying to take charges being considered Top
    10 ‘posterizing dunks”. Were they nice plays/nice dunks, ya of course. Were
    they posterizing dunks? In my opinion, no. 

  • shane199817 3 years ago

    I cant stand Gibsons dunks, its just exaggerated. I hope he accidentally
    gets hurt from shaking so he learns to stop, he doesnt deserve to be here.
    I dont hate him or anything and i dont want him to lose his game, his arms
    just look like theyre gonna break at some point and he needs to learn to
    stop anyways

  • zappedzach 3 years ago

    I think the Clippers announcers poop themselves everytime Blake dunks

  • Saama Sane 3 years ago


  • iDJHamyHam 3 years ago

    #3 wasnt a dunk

  • Critical Hits 3 years ago

    No Gerald Green, no like

  • magicapricot 3 years ago

    if the defender is trying to take a charge it shouldnt be considered a

  • Negro 3 years ago

    No Gerald Green. AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jordan Scott 3 years ago

    fuck lebron 

  • Jet Li Thach 3 years ago

    Ok So LeShits dunks obviously didn’t posterize anyone.Really He dunked on
    people he were trying to take charges and didn’nt get calls cause he is the
    queen so yeah suck it! where is Gerald Green BTW?

  • RapidMode 3 years ago

    Come on McLemore LeBron did say you are going to be a star but get out the
    damn way! Glad McLemore at the last 2 months played pretty good.

  • PaullHutchh 3 years ago


  • ★ MC Arts ★ 3 years ago

    The commentators and the sound of the rim, make it 100x better to watch!

  • bigdickturk 3 years ago

    Poor number one in my eyes. Nice dunk but no way it was the BEST poster….

  • cibida1 3 years ago

    This list sucked. I’m certain there were better posters. 

  • MoonWolf 3 years ago

    Where is Gerald Green’s double clutch poster?.

  • kamoOsutra 3 years ago

    in my opinion Henry’s dunk > Ross’s dunk

  • Nathan Ourn 3 years ago

    WHERE IS GERALD GREEN?!?!?!!!!! Nba “top 10″ list makes me upset sometimes.
    What about lebrons dunk on Udoh??? Use that instead of him dunking on