Top 10 hits by super swede Niklas Kronwall tags: hockey shots totalone bauer one95 lev2 stamkos steven widow warrior mini sticks kovalchuk lecavallier dt1 sh…
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  • Michael Burley 4 years ago

    A little something to get in the mood for the season opener. Let’s Go

  • 1VH1984 4 years ago

    Everyone is bitching about illegal hits, but they all looked pretty clean
    to me. All the bad ones are only bad because the opponent had their head
    down and didn’t prepare for the hit. He doesn’t target the head, the elbow
    leading is because the other guy just skated into it, and the leaving the
    feet is after contact is made.

  • Tom O 4 years ago

    some of the most illegal hits i’ve ever seen: leading with elbow, aiming
    for the head, and leaving the feet.

  • sMashedpotatoes1 4 years ago

    what a terrible asshole.

  • Tcm0240 4 years ago

    So much butthurt in these comments

  • Hon DBZ 4 years ago


  • captainbare 4 years ago

    And leaves his feet

  • Kody Duffy 4 years ago

    Everytime I see Kronwall hit someone. My reaction: “How did that clean hit

  • Azgore 4 years ago

    Swedes=chickens but Kronwall is a hard mother****** and Douglas Murray can

  • Drew Steele 4 years ago

    This is a Detroit video and craphawk fans are going to talk shit on
    us…meet us at 11 cups, ho many do you have? Six…kane should be in jail

  • captainbare 4 years ago

    He hits with his back

  • moiik1 4 years ago

    Nicklas Kronwall:The art of bodycheck

  • JohnnyRugged06 4 years ago

    A lot of guys getting Kronwalled there!

  • wildcatfisher38 4 years ago

    Kronwall is a freaking wrecking ball… I’d hate to be the victim of one of
    his hits

  • Bryan Pardy 4 years ago

    Agreed. He has never been a dirty player, just knows how to play the game
    right. Keep your head up boys.

  • InsaneBlaze23 4 years ago

    Someone should make a highlight video with the song Let The Bodies hit the
    floor. Seems perfect for Nik.

  • Rick Jones 4 years ago

    All clean hits ! No punches, no elbows are up on any one of those hits !
    All who got Kronwalled have their heads down. Every team in the NHL wish
    they had him. 90% of his hits are dirty ??? ………. learn how to play
    hockey in the big leagues ! Go back to playing “ankle bender” Hockey !!!

  • EHartHockey28 4 years ago

    he doesnt get suspended because he plays for detroit. thats just a fact.
    hes a good player. hell i have him on my fantasy team, but he is dirty and
    the league doesnt care because he plays for the wings. that hit against
    voracek would be at least 3 games if it was any other player.

  • EHartHockey28 4 years ago

    if kronwall played for any other team he would be suspended all the time.
    90% of his hits are dirty. theyre almost always a charge that isnt called
    yet guys like rinaldo, that hit clean almost all the time, get called for
    charging even though the hit was clean.

  • chrisegan19681 4 years ago

    Sit the fuck down. Kronwall has never been suspended…guys a legend

  • by2004 4 years ago

    The Sharks are weak.

  • ProdigyBigBoss89 4 years ago

    Lesson of the day: KEEP YOUR HEAD UP! xD haha

  • Andrew Geleff 4 years ago

    Hah, the game is so pussified now. Players aren’t even taught to keep their
    heads up anymore. There’s no more self-accountability in the game.
    Everytime someone gets caught looking at their skates, it’s always the
    hitter’s fault. Unbelievable how this game is being ruined.

  • Andy D 4 years ago

    Almost every hit is the same. Receiving puck along boards n lookin down.

  • Amusemant780 4 years ago

    Only hit that was border-line was the one on Voracek. If everyone hit like
    kronwall in the nhl – less injuries, and more enjoyment for players and
    ultimatly the fans