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  • 416NewMusic 3 years ago

    CP3 is one of the best PGs to play the game in the last decade or so. Hope
    he can get a ring before he retires

  • bigman2519 3 years ago

    It’s probably because I’m not a Clippers fan but am I the only one who
    thinks the announcers were kind of annoying? 

  • Ben EA$Y MONEY 3 years ago

    Man I hate Blake Griffin idk even why

  • JmanDatN 3 years ago

    In not complaining about it but shouldn’t it be an offensive foul when the
    scorer is pushing the defenders arms down in order to get an uncontested
    dunk. It just seems a little unbalanced since the defender can barely graze
    the offender in the air without a whistle but it seems for the dunker…all
    bets are off once your in the air. what do yall think, what blake did at
    number one wast even that bad ive seen waaay more blatant ones, but i never
    see it called so i wonder if its a foul or not. 

  • MBogdos96 3 years ago

    Collison seems to have a talent for making those weird, one footed, falling
    away, awkward three pointers, if I remember correctly, he made one just
    like the one in this video when he was playing in Dallas.

  • PeterBauce 3 years ago

    Where’s De Andrade’s poster ally oop on Brandon knight

  • Wesley Gilmore 3 years ago

    This time it’s really time 

  • Jbo 069 3 years ago

    To bad a dunk is only worth 2 points

  • ChannelPKtown 3 years ago

    LosAngelesLakers I’ve been a Clipper Fan since 1992 and I agree with
    “LosAngelesLakers” comment towards “Adam Anwar” True Laker fans
    wouldn’t just start rooting for the Clippers now and True Clipper Fans
    don’t want that. I’ve been laughed at and ridiculed to my face for over 20
    years and we finally have a real owner, a great coach and team. If Laker
    Fans want to “watch” Clipper Games as well, ALL GOOD but just know… Laker
    Fans are SPOILED and used to winning so once you start watching The
    Clippers play, it will be hard for you to go back to watching a Laker Team
    who will be AWFUL at defense. I’m a huge Lin Fan but are you serious?
    Nash, Lin, Old Kobe, Nick Young, Boozer, Randle, Hill? Any team with a
    quick PG is going to destroy this Laker team. Phoenix had 48 wins last
    year and MISSED the playoffs. 48 WINS and missed. This will always be a
    Laker Town but this year The Lakers are playing for the 10th seed. HAVE
    FUN Watching every game!!! And if you watch more Clipper Games than Laker
    Games, you are NOT a true Laker Fan. I watch EVERY MIN of EVERY CLIPPER
    GAME and TIVO IT and sometimes watch at Staples and come home and watch the
    game AGAIN! I’ve taken wife and kids to playoff games and its been
    amazing! CLIPPER NATION STAND UP! Our owner has 18 BILLION DOLLARS in the
    bank! If he invested ONE BILLION DOLLARS in the Clippers on Free Agents he
    would still have 17 BILLION DOLLARS left to take care of his family for 100
    GENERATIONS! We’re RICH B*** !!! There’s a new sheriff in town! 

  • NBALakersNation2 3 years ago

    It’s still Lakers Town. Clippers will never be on top until they get 17
    champions and have about 15 or more jerseys retired. 

  • GriffinForceDjCp3 3 years ago

    Oh thank god I’ve been waiting so long let’s go baby!!! It’s ya boyee!! NBA
    Champions 2015! #Clippersnation #GriffinForce #CP3MVP #DPOYDJ #Jcrossover
    #TheDream #CLIPSOWNLA

  • Cavs/Spurs Fan 3 years ago

    Cp0 and KD are both top ten players in NBA history but aren’t going to win
    championships SMH. They should just team up with Lebron so that they can
    not be ring less because they both know that if LeGOAT and Timmy D are
    still in the league they’re going nowhere.

  • Rishab Singh 3 years ago

    Why do the Clippers always have the best top 10?


  • Beast Boy 3 years ago

    get ready to be beaten by the thunder again next year in the semi finals
    clipper fanboys

  • Luke Mitchell 3 years ago

    Lets Go Clips! Watch them win the championship this year, look out!

  • Esther Irakiza 3 years ago

    Ey yo Lakers fans tell me did the Lakers went to the playoffs ?????
    Hell Nah!!!
    The Clippers did tho!!!
    So now all the Lakers fans just Shut The Fuck Up !!!
    Cuz this season y’all did so bad 

  • Angelo Ferrari 3 years ago

    Jamal Crawford <3

  • Breon K Prince 3 years ago

    Believe in ClipperNation! 

  • Sorry Mento 3 years ago

    until Griffin or Deandre, probably Griffin, get a solid back to the basket
    game and have a go to move they can score at least half the time with their
    back to the basket; I dont see Clips winning a championship. They have a
    great front court thats young but they just need that back to the basket
    game in order to really go far. IDK my opinion but feel free to share yours
    as well. Wanna see other peoples perspectives.

  • Victor Espiritu 3 years ago


  • Smile Dogg 3 years ago

    I’m willı̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̨ng to bet 500$’
    That the 2015 finals is

  • N3RO 9 3 years ago

    Umm okay i have a top ten first comment here i have to say something
    amazing umm…
    idk uhh…TURN UP!

  • Stilltypical 3 years ago

    Before watching this vid: this going to be lobs

    After watching this vid : Hey Mum! Go call Dynamo
    And we will partner up !

  • DonNorway 3 years ago

    Was Jordan’s amazing dunk not this season, but the one before?

  • deesquaredx 3 years ago