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  • z z z 3 years ago

    boring… a bunch of plain layups. where’s lillard, lebron, westbrook,
    harden, aldridge, wade and joe johnson?

  • Eric Rwayne 3 years ago

    Most overrated PG in the NBA besides Deron Williams……he’s good, but in
    actuality as a individual player he’s probably like the 7th or 8th best PG
    in the league, and people overrate him because he’s played on a amazing
    team his entire career…..if anyone is underrated, it’s Manu…… 

  • Arleigh Quizon 3 years ago

    Bruh… Most of these are travels bruh

  • Unknown86 3 years ago

    Jeremy Lin > Tony Parker.

  • Daniel Cerdeira 3 years ago

    same move over and over. boring

  • jas68maro 3 years ago

    Tony Parker is one of the best point guards to play the game. Hes
    everything you want in a true point guard. He has good handles, moves
    great with the ball, hes not selfish at all, has no problem passing the
    ball, he can shoot mid range, his long range decent, his floater is money,
    hes always calm and focused, hardly ever gets rattled by pressure, he
    understands team work and understands the game, and most importantly, he
    does all these things on a consistent basis.

  • Ahmad Ghonym 3 years ago

    2:29 he lost that game to my home team :D

  • Enrique Franco 3 years ago

    His best play was taken from Lebrons playbook!!! TRAVEL!

  • Quan Tran 3 years ago

    Congrat Parker, what a season!

    Btw, #9 is a travel.

  • Benjamin Morrison 3 years ago

    Ohhhhh yeah, baby!

  • hineighbor 3 years ago

    Just call this guy tony “the drunk” cuz he’s got the spins!

  • NniceNsmooth 3 years ago

    overrated as fuck choked last year, chokes this year, duncan, ginobili and
    kawhi saved his ass

  • reubend15 3 years ago

    Man that spin move is un-guardable

  • Justin Vader 3 years ago

    Why does it looks like he travel every time he spins?

  • ZeHz49 3 years ago

    the best meneur of Nba

  • EpicChipd 3 years ago

    How the fuck do people think Tony Parker is overrated? If anything, he is
    extremely underrated. NBA never takes a moment to honor anybody on the
    Spurs. This is only one video that NBA posts about Tony Parker, and so
    everyone go’s ape shit? SMH. Just because he’s not as good as CP3, doesn’t
    mean he’s garbage. 

  • Jaimison Lloyd 3 years ago

    Tony definitely the best ‘finishing’ point guard in the leauge right now.

  • Gabriel Braga 3 years ago

    Guys talking about travelling never learned basketball. C’mon, at least go
    do some research before you spit your shit out on the internet. Hint: try
    to know when the two steps start to count. Learn basketball and humility,

  • Shin547 3 years ago

    how does he do it?in NBA 2K14 everytime I try to do a spin layup i get
    called for the charge foul…

  • economíamatemática 3 years ago

    2014-2015 Spurs repeats!

  • simon pita 3 years ago

    can you believe that tony parker has never ever gotten a max contract in
    his time in the nba…..now you got guys like kyrie and bledsoe demanding
    max contracts what a joke.

  • Erik Rodriguez 3 years ago

    Boring but at the end of the day he has 4 rings just saying 

  • Sebastian Loya 3 years ago

    28th pick?? I have never known that in my life and would’ve never thought
    he was that low of a pick. When I started watching him play which was a
    year ago, I thought of him as a superstar.

  • Baryal Khan 3 years ago

    Most underrated PG in the NBA

  • Venki Iyer 3 years ago

    0:34 lol wtf is bargani doing?