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  • LeBeautiful 3 years ago

    I swear basketball is the simplest game of all sports. It seems that things
    don’t change much. You’d expect a play that John Wooden ran a long time ago
    wouldn’t be effective now and the same for the pick and roll. 

  • Sam Pendleton 3 years ago

    I always learn something when I watch y’all’s videos. Thanks for this!

  • mynamerockybalboa 3 years ago

    I was missing so much the trainings coach nick!

  • The Lone Wanderer 3 years ago

    Hi Coach Nick, I was recently playing in a pickup basketball game, but I
    was told that I have no idea where to go on the offense. So what is a
    player suppose to do in these kinda situation?

  • pallokone199 3 years ago

    Could you do one for not so common cuts?, Ive known these since I was a
    b-junior (14-15 year old)(outcluding the suffle cut which came later).Tho
    these were good for starters. =)

  • free2rhyme445 3 years ago

    Wow mind blown. I learned so much 

  • Brandon Brock 3 years ago

    Another great video coach!! I know this may not be in your plans but it
    would be awesome to see you coaching in the NCAA or even the NBA one day.
    You seem to know exactly what’s going on with the game and it would be
    extremely interesting to see what you would be able to do with such
    incredible talent. 

  • CorpseRenderGaming 3 years ago

    3:30 the color of the gym changed

  • robert lopez 3 years ago

    What are the red shoes mike was wearing?

  • Chandasouk 3 years ago

    Always informative

  • Ricky lo 3 years ago

    Hi Coach, could you make a video on hand-checking? Ive always wanted to
    know how these rule changes affected the nba. Thanks!

  • Tristin2k 3 years ago

    Wow..time to go draw up some plays with these cuts!

  • AJVersatility19 3 years ago

    Man I wish there was a channel like this for Football(american football.)
    Someone like Coach Nick to break the game down. Is it too late to ask you
    to be an expert football Coach? 

  • Thanks for this! 

  • André Vieira 3 years ago

    Nice job with all the cameras! (:

  • ahmetkoc94 3 years ago

    I am playing soccer in germany, but i love the american sports especially
    watching the NBA for 3 years. This channel helps me a lot to understand
    Thank you Coach Nick

  • dmgchamp 3 years ago

    Great job coach nick. I’ve been watching since like 2010 back when my
    Lakers were in the finals with the Celtics. This is by far the best channel
    on youtube

  • ManMus1k 3 years ago

    What do you mean by motion action?

  • PedroMendes25CC 3 years ago

    Saved to favorites, gonna use this alot! 

  • Blhite Likes NBA2K 3 years ago

    Thanks a lot for this strategy session Coach!

  • H0lyPh3n0m 3 years ago

    is that your team coach nick?

  • Kenny J 3 years ago

    Wow, now I have a reason to re-watch all the games I’ve downloaded in the
    past, fantastic stuff, I never watch the game as a fan again, thanks coach.

  • MrBiscuit3ater 3 years ago

    Whenever I watch your videos, it helps me learn about something. I learn
    about what to do and not to do. It helps when you are trying to get better
    at basketball.

  • kwwyy 3 years ago

    Thank you coach nick

  • matt lam 3 years ago

    the white guy’s shots are way too flat.