Michael Sam Kiss: St Louis Rams 2014 Drafted First Openly Gay Football Player Michael Sam Kiss Rams draft Michael Sam, first openly gay player michael sam kissing his boyfriend First openly…




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  • E Wagner 3 years ago

    Homosexuality is not genetic. It never has been. We have never found a
    homosexual gene and God knows we have been assiduously looking for it. Why?
    Genes can quickly and easily be modified environmentally. Your emotion and
    environmental exposure mutate your genetic makeup. This process can develop
    very quickly. In a week or two. Science has now learned that homosexuality
    is epidigenetic and therefor can be passed on to children by seed or
    external influence. Will this change the way we view gay society, their
    choices and their influence on children? Can homosexuals reproduce with
    their own sex or shall society push epidigenetic influence so to promote
    gay breading? Opinions?

  • Pastor Doug Gullman 3 years ago

    Faggotry is disobedience to the good Lord and will not go unpunished!
    Michael will burn in hell with his fag butt buddy! Amen!

  • ctye85 3 years ago

    They look happy as hell man, who could hate on this? Let them be people,
    too much hate in the world already.

  • ToddWentworth 3 years ago

    who the hell has a nervous breakdown as the 253rd pick, in anything???


  • kasuwelltv3 3 years ago

    His agent is on the side line seeing dollar signs here is this almost
    undrafted gay dude who has endorsements and will receive awards just for
    being a homo lol !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is the world we live in -_-

  • Waldo 3 years ago

    he will get killed on the field

  • ZeppelinBigFan 3 years ago

    First of all, I’m very happy for Michael Sam, the balls it must take to
    come out of the closet as a football player before the NFL draft in The
    United States of Bigotry, it’s truly admirable.
    Second, to all you racists and bigots, and there are lots of you, you are
    losing. An openly gay man is now playing in the NFL, a black man is
    president, a woman might get elected as president soon, it goes to show
    that even the US is making progress, and it’s lovely to see. It makes me
    believe just a little bit more in humanity, but I’m sure you bigots and
    right wing nuts will actively try to destroy that hope by replying to this
    comment. Bring it on.

  • Bluee Duckk 3 years ago


  • Deontae Pennyman 3 years ago

    I blame Jason Collins for this

  • bctvguy 3 years ago

    Of course the Orca wants to cash in on this miscreant of the moment by
    giving him his own cable show on her stupid network which almost went under
    last year.
    What about the other 250 or so players that were drafted – why not shows
    for them?

  • Kenny Lopez 3 years ago

    My question to everyone is this: if you’re so appalled by this, why did you
    come to watch the video? In other words, how’s the closet? Granted, we
    could’ve done without the cake and the zooming in, but it’s whatever. 

  • rusty shakleford 3 years ago

    Can’t help but just laugh at all the hate is being spewed over people being
    gay. I’ll never understand why you guys care so much, it has no effect on
    anyone’s life in any way. The “land of the free” is apparently more like
    the “land of things I happen to agree with” 

  • logpile13 3 years ago

    This isn’t about a stupid game anymore it’s about a war on traditional
    values and free speech and anyone speaking out on something that the left
    doesn’t like can be destroyed all in the name of what the left calls “hate”
    Screw all this crap

  • coreyologist 3 years ago

    Anyone who disagrees with the gay lifestyle but yet still treats them with
    equal respect is called a hateful bigot, lol didnt know.it would be a day
    where disagreement is equivalent to hate and bigotry, 

  • TheShaming 3 years ago

    I don’t care that he’s gay. It’s his choice. I’m just tired of ESPN shoving
    this down my throat like he’s some hero. He’s not a hero, he’s just gay
    which is fine. But Damn quit making such a big deal about this

  • Blake Johnson 3 years ago

    So ESPN, the media and the public can bash on Tebow all they want for being
    Christian and we all have to be fine with it. But ESPN can whack off to
    this love affair all day long and shove their gay political agenda down our
    throats on a sports channel and people still have to be fine with it
    because then “we hate gay people.” I don’t hate gay people but this is
    fucking ridiculous. 

  • kiaraj375 3 years ago

    He even cries like he is gay lol

  • Frito Laye 3 years ago

    if he didn’t announce that he was a fag he would have never been drafted.

  • Notre Dame 3 years ago

    All the pretty girls in the world but no guys wonna chase after other guys

  • videofreakboy91 3 years ago

    jesus, this country still needs more growing to do! but then again there
    are still people who are racist in this day and age. Love beats out Hate.
    Hate is growing smaller and smaller as the years go on, while Love will
    conquer each and passing year. have a BLESSED day!

  • Tom Slick 3 years ago

    Will never buy a ticket again , And neither will my family or friends.
    Enough is Enough.

  • Glenn Adams 3 years ago

    Why do people hate on Michael Sam? Like seriously stop… let Him be who he
    wants to be… if you were gay I wouldn’t judge you so why should you judge
    Michael for who he wants to be? I’m just saying

  • fckingkim 3 years ago

    I bet so many homophobes got boners and shit from watching this. 

  • clare quilty 3 years ago

    The funniest part was listening to those PC libtard ESPN announcers paint
    it as a touching wholesome moment. I bet Olberdouche was jacking off to
    it. LOLS

  • JORGE FUNES 3 years ago

    Bomb the usa nowww…disgrace