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  • A Estes 4 years ago

    And in other news, war rages on in the middle east, thousands die from AIDS
    in Africa daily, and poverty is rampant in America ….. how inconvenient!

  • Zach A. 4 years ago

    She’s a really pretty news reporter! ;o For an older lady, of course. But
    she’s actually really cute. ahaha

  • josh montgomerie 4 years ago

    This is so fucking gay

  • slagman5 4 years ago

    WTF? Andre Agassi does not freakin’ age!!!

  • Who Cares 4 years ago

    A Jonas d-bag pissed off at me? What’s for lunch?

  • Peter Ironrope 4 years ago

    He wasn’t even mean to her for crying out loud!

  • TheFireDragon Igneel 4 years ago

    +Prince Charles John It’s rather obvious that she’s trying her hardest to
    not break. Only one person in particular was getting mad at her and that
    was someone she idolized. She was caught off guard by his pessimistic
    attitude. No one wants to be surrounded by pessimism when they’re living
    their dream, and you can’t cure pessimism through more pessimism, so the
    best thing to do is to try to be as optimistic as possible. She was
    probably forcing the smile while at heart she felt like crying.

  • Vladimir Chertok 4 years ago

    bunch of rich assholes.

  • Renaud Daulie 4 years ago

    She is …pretty good at it ? Are you kidding us ? Well at least she knows
    the way to hold it …

  • Buddy Roe 4 years ago


  • Pasan Pawan 4 years ago

    Is it me or does that girl look like Brandi love in brazzers

  • samproductions02 4 years ago

    Good on Ya Jim 

  • A1sausie 4 years ago

    LAURA IS 6′ 3”!!!!!

  • Leo Bekker 4 years ago

    Lara is hot. I want to lick her pussy!

  • Patti Stokes 4 years ago

    Not cool. I would have cried.

  • Prince Charles John 4 years ago

    I must agree, the giggling and laughing got really annoying. Everyone is
    mad at you and you’re fucking up, and your response is to laugh and giggle?
    I’ve known many dumb hot bitches that everyone doted over throughout their
    whole lives and their reaction would have been the same. Dumb privileged
    hot bitch. “I’m just going to giggle the whole time because I’m cute”.

  • TTM77 4 years ago

    Putting someone down like that for entertainment is not cool. The best joke
    is when everyone walks away enjoying it and I’m sure she didn’t. she is
    cute and can keep up the pressure.

  • Dave S 4 years ago

    Sure, if you’re into too much makeup, skinny legs, what looks like fake
    boobs and some other plastic surgery. But she makes millions of dollars a
    year – so she’s rich – for doing what any one of us can do. Oh, boo hoo,
    she gets up at 3 or 4 AM! I’d get up at 2 AM to make millions of dollars
    year just to read what the writers tell me to say – yes, they have writers.
    And I’d get fake boobs and other plastic surgery. I’d be an awesome tranny!
    Anyone can do what those people do.

  • Saravanan Kumar 4 years ago

    Andre at 4:20. Haha :)

  • topmoto75 4 years ago

    Funny as shit to the couple hundred that give a shit about any of the

  • jaagochembur 4 years ago

    Thanks for the heads-up, anatorify. Don’t worry about the `murican haters. :)

  • Philo Beddoe 4 years ago

    You ARE drivel, go watch cartoons.

  • Philo Beddoe 4 years ago

    Whats even more pathetic is you whining about it in your comment like a
    little girl.

  • CA1959 4 years ago

    Lara’s cool. Not only can she play tennis ,she’s pretty ,and way too nice.

  • TuanLeKreuk 4 years ago

    this wasnt funny at all but nice rack lara