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  • elecbass100 4 years ago

    Never realized the 2 Djokovic-Nadal rallies were in the same game, maybe
    even back-to-back points, not sure. Love these videos from Lionsglare!

  • elecbass100 4 years ago

    @flagman57 o even sweeter then. I couldn’t tell cuz the video did a little
    flip, so something was edited. But those scores were consecutive 30-40 to
    Deuce. Thanks for clarifying, makes this even better!

  • philipadriano3 4 years ago

    Did Nadal win that set in the end? And who won the match?

  • Jahaal Mordeth 4 years ago

    @elecbass100 they were back to back

  • Raphael Grubain 4 years ago

    oh my… philippoussis knee, that was horrible to watch!