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  • WoofyProductions 3 years ago

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  • SUPEREEVEEMASTER 3 years ago

    At this point everyone seems to be losing it because everyone has been
    working for months. When you work for so long and all that work to make
    something good gets destroyed, it makes things a little more frustrating. 

  • alancavygaming 3 years ago

    Well good for Sauter standing up to someone like that. At least he cares
    unlike other drivers (Michael McDowell). I think we all know it was an
    accident but Sauter wasn’t sure and he wanted words from his teammate. He
    has those rights.

  • Noah Coleman 3 years ago

    Okay, Sauter. You are not going to win the championship. We get it. You are
    mad. We get it. Just stop taking out all of your frustration on people who
    don’t deserve it! It’s getting really annoying!!!

  • Nascarfan68 3 years ago

    And for two weeks in a row the crybaby of the race goes to Johnny Sauter 

  • Julio Cezar Kronbauer 3 years ago

    #NASCAR 2014 Truck Series at Texas teammates Johnny Sauter and Jeb Burton
    had a slight altercation on pit road http://youtu.be/LTgjCeCd30I

  • TheRushingBull 3 years ago

    Never knew his dad died yesterday. It’s been a tough two weeks for Johnny

  • Dana Chappell 3 years ago

    Sauter’s title hopes were gone after Talladega. Now he’s being a crybaby
    bitch. Peters a week ago. Burton this week. Get over it. Shit happens stop
    being a bitch.

  • Josh Wooten 3 years ago

    Yeah, how could Jeb know Sauter was going to change his line so fast like
    he did. 

  • Allen RWThree 3 years ago

    Sauter’s a bigger cry baby than kyle busch.

  • IanNascar48 3 years ago

    Sauter can’t catch a break

  • nasfordf150 3 years ago

    Sauter seriously needs to calm his titties…

  • TAH2719 3 years ago

    Sauter is just making an ass of himself now.

  • Mo Neenja31 3 years ago

    I hope Sauter loses his ride

  • Ultimate23Dragon 3 years ago

    WTF!?… Hey guys! You do realize that in that incident, another driver was
    getting loose & Sauter swerved to avoid him, right? Either way it would be
    a lose-lose either Sauter runs into the back of the loose driver & take
    him, himself, & Jeb out, or Sauter swerves & gets himself spun out. Also,
    how do you guys know that Sauter was mad at Jeb for that. NO ONE talked to
    Sauter about that (Typical FOX), & the pit crew seemed to be the one having
    issues with Jeb for whatever reason. Sauter just walked away.

    Perhaps he knew/found out about his Dad somewhere around that point &
    that’s why he appeared upset… Notice that both drivers didn’t start a
    fight for no reason… unlike some true whiners of NASCAR (Jeff Gordon &
    Kevin Harvick)!