The New York Giants meet the New England Patriots for the second time in the Super Bowl in four years and create another epic Super Bowl for the ages, as the Giants defeat the Patriots 21-17.




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  • BxD HattR 3 years ago

    What a throw by “Peyton?”

  • Pats Die Hard 3 years ago


  • Jon Snow 3 years ago

    Patriot fans YOUR TEARS ARE DELICIOUS!!!

  • Dante loonsfoot 3 years ago

    This game will haunt me forever but I’m glad we won XLIX Super Bowl

  • KRUDDYMUSICIAN 3 years ago

    At 1:10 somebody(I think Irvin) says “What a Throw by Peyton Manning”

    Eli Manning-Forever in the Shadow of his big brother despite winning 2

  • ABDUL SHARIF 3 years ago

    Road to the 2016 Superbowl. ..can we (The Giants) get it done?

  • BlitzBoiii HD 3 years ago

    This game haunts me and all other patriots fans.

  • johnstjohn1987 3 years ago

    In 2 SB’s Giants Defense held Brady to under 20 Points while Eli Manning
    made New England his BITCH twice.

  • Connor Ryan 3 years ago

    The Giants will be back in the playoffs next year. We’ll have Cruz
    returning and other players coming off of injuries. The offense is going to
    be KILLER

  • ceaser williams 3 years ago

    whats tha point in showing this, tha giants luck has ran out 

  • Zain Flook 3 years ago

    Eli, the brady killer

  • Dominick N 3 years ago

    Perfect example of an extremely underrated QB against and extremely over
    rated QB. Eli, the QB who can make something from nothing…Brady, the
    system QB who get’s praised for what the team as a whole has accomplished
    when he does nothing out of the ordinary or special. Dude barely passes the
    ball over 20 yards lol.

  • Gilbert Sanabria 3 years ago

    Eli stills own Tom Brady

  • IronManx70 3 years ago

    Is Hernandez in jail yet?

  • Trey Henry 3 years ago

    Giants are trash,they should’ve been blown out by a team that’s actually
    good.I wonder how they even made it there

  • KrazyKrafter 3 years ago

    Giants fans can suck a dick :D You guys won’t be going to the super bowl.
    Lmao using past games as excuses Hah.

  • SeniorRobato 3 years ago

    All I see is bitching from deflatriot fans “If we had better defense that,
    if we were healthy this.” Well we can also say that if Wilson would’ve
    handed it off to Lynch for the game winning TD yall would have had another
    SB to bitch about lol Eli and Giants own the Deflatriots…

  • Pats Die Hard 3 years ago


  • boston598516 3 years ago

    8:50 faggot

  • Jordan R. 3 years ago

    Are they trying to kill our happiness by re-uploading this terrible
    nightmare of a SuperBowl? Lol Go Pats!! XLIX Champs!!

  • Alex Sanchez 3 years ago

    If only gronkowski was 1 foot nearer to where the ball was on the Hail Mary

  • J Rudy Morgan Clark 3 years ago

    That is not going to happen again in a superbowl game or a post season game
    between my Patriots and those little punk ass giants, my Patriots will
    destroy that team 

  • Tony Starks 3 years ago

    Welker cost them this win. I hate to agree with a bourgeois supermodel but
    Tom can’t catch his own passes. He did what he needed to do to win this
    game and his receiver corp let him down big time.
    Even that last Hail Mary was right where it needed to be. If Gronk was
    healthy for this game it would have been a different outcome.
    Now Eli gets to take home the thanksgiving leftovers and Peyton has to sit
    at the kids table w the fold out chairs.
    ELI MANNING! The full retard little bro who magically wins SBs even while
    Peyton is setting all time passing records. 

  • Daniel Guevara 3 years ago

    It was fun watching it in indy.