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  • GustavoBravo 3 years ago

    Why are men trying to make this ad about themselves? 

  • Straight to the Point Tutorials 3 years ago

    How does no one realise this is a real 911 call? It’s not portraying males
    as the aggressors, it’s showing us a real 911 call that was made when a
    woman’s abusive male friend told her to order pizza.

  • Tora Chan 3 years ago

    Fuck these domestic violence PSAs. They always assume it is the man
    whooping ass, and never show the possibility that women are actually the
    attackers in some situations.

  • Jamaal Saeed Fatin Amin 3 years ago

    The most profound Super Bowl ad I’ve seen in my years of watching the
    game… *When it is hard to talk, it is up to us to listen.*

  • Toni Greene 3 years ago

    The operators & police need good training so they can pick up a problem.
    This is a great PSA but showing it during football to me is not wise. Now
    men will know the code of her conduct when she is reaching out for help
    after she is speaking & after she gets beat up.

  • Brittany B. 3 years ago

    My then stepdad once yanked that phone out of the wall as my mom tried to
    call 911. He then beat her and left her unconscious while my sister and I
    tried to stop him. This PSA brought back that memory from over 20 years
    ago. I truly hope this helps victims and educates those who are ignorant
    when it comes to domestic violence. Instead of trying to derail the
    conversation, help to keep it going. Domestic Violence affects millions of
    women, children and men everyday. Victims lose their lives everyday. Many
    of those kids will become adults and find themselves in abusive
    relationships. Let’s keep the conversation going. Let’s end the cycle of

  • Emily Rose 3 years ago

    The people attacking this ad for it not having a male caller are, in my
    opinion, missing the point. Yes, males get abused. Nobody is saying they
    don’t by putting out this ad. There are ads for the male side of it. But it
    isn’t even about which gender they are showing. It doesn’t and shouldn’t
    matter about male or female. It’s speaking on a very serious issue and
    calling attention to it. It’s speaking for all victims no matter their
    genders. It is meant to represent the hardship that all victims of abuse go
    through and the various obstacles they face. Criticizing it for the gender
    of the caller is belittling the ad’s importance. 

  • Dave G 3 years ago

    I just hope all 911 operators are as smart as this guy and don’t think it’s
    a joke and hang up. This is a real 911 call from a woman in Atlanta.

  • Chriss Evans 3 years ago

    Powerful, but like most feminism, it’s idealistic, not realistic. How do
    you distinguish this from prank calls?

  • Susan Dennis 3 years ago

    Wow. this is a pretty powerful 60 seconds.

  • Song Yun-ah 3 years ago

    Extremely idealistic… not going to happen in real life.

  • Mel -Mel 3 years ago

    Super Bowl 2015: Domestic Violence PSA: http://youtu.be/5Z_zWIVRIWk

  • Marc Rapper 3 years ago

    The media,is always portraying women as victim’s and men as abusers,they
    need to stop that shyt.Because men are abuse just the same,not because we
    don’t hear about it mean its not happening. Let talk about when a guy work
    hard all week and at the week end his girl or wife is pressuring him for
    his pay check or to spend his hard earn money on her,that’s finance
    abuse,let’s talk about when a woman keep annoying her boyfriend/husband and
    creates and argument so that she can call 911 to report him when he didn’t
    even do shyt to her. while she was attacking him and he have to bob and
    weave from her…then the cops come and arrest him for three, four, five
    days, when he have done nothing wrong and his wife or girl friend just
    wanted him outta the house so she can entertain the other guy she cheating
    with……and god forbid. if a man reports his woman, he’s laugh at and
    ridicule….So let talk bout that…….

  • Jackiplier 3 years ago

    Just so y’all know, the audio? It is an actual recorded 911 call. Which
    makes it even more hard hitting.

  • IIIIIIIIII 3 years ago

    Ray J just got his ass beat by his girlfriend, tore his ACL busted open his
    ribs, this domestic abuse is not okay Women. #StopDomesticAbuse

    Worse beating that Rihana, I wanna see all these commercials and talk shows
    talk about it. It’s not okay to hit men, the violence must stop!

  • Sandy Gonsalves 3 years ago

    Ok. this is to ALL the people who are blinded by the genders of the woman
    and her “male” abuser.
    First of all number 1) there is no mention of the gender of the abuser. For
    all we know the woman can be in an abusive relationship with an EXTREMELY
    strong female larger in size. But since the stereotype is male=abuser, your
    brains are of course naturally filling in the blanks. But take a step back
    and realize that there is no mention of the abuser’s sex. Of course the
    story it was based on DID have the male abuser, but that is irrelevant.
    Why? Because the ad itself made it irrelevant. There is something else they
    want us to focus on here and we’re ignoring it. Please see point 3.

    Number 2) If this ad was meant to exemplify the notion that men are the
    only abusers, well that point is almost rendered mute when we see a male
    dispatcher here being the hero.

    Number 3) You are not listening. The ad ends with “When it’s hard to talk
    about, it is up to us to listen.” Think about it. It isn’t just referring
    to the 911 call in this video. This is a call for everyone to raise
    awareness and listen to anyone who may be experiencing domestic abuse.
    Including to those who may find it hard to openly talk about. This includes
    male victims, who arguably, have a harder time coming out about domestic
    violence being done to them, than women do. The ad is saying to read
    between the lines and listen to the words that the victim (boy or girl)
    cannot bring themselves to say. 

  • Peyton Woelffer 3 years ago

    Are you FREAKING kidding me.
    People are saying how this is feministic, which ITS NOT. They try to make a
    point- yet people make it about themselves! Most likely the reason why they
    did it the way they did is because in society, it’s viewed more that the
    women is the one being hurt. Not that that is in any way true. But still,
    they’re trying to make a point about how Domestic Violence is bad, and all
    of you people are talking it down! Notice it didn’t say “domestic violence
    against women”. It said DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. Meaning BOTH GENDERS. And also,
    if it was a man on the phone, wouldn’t people still get mad that it wasn’t
    a women calling? Everyone in this world is just too butthurt ;-;

  • Sydney Lynn 3 years ago

    stop saying they should have a dude calling. this is a real 911 call. if it
    had been made by a guy, then this video would have a man talking ok

  • JackHabbit 3 years ago

    Why is this dumbass operator not getting the obvious hint that she KNOWS
    she called 911, she needs a damn police car?

    Also, this commercial doesn’t help give any resources or explicitly say
    they are against domestic violence.

  • Joy Simon 3 years ago

    U don’t kno until u are in the situation, doesn’t mAtter if u are a guy or

  • Em Vambell 3 years ago

    Did they ever say it was a man? Theoretically she could be calling about
    her gf.

  • krazydice1 3 years ago

    The people in the comment section, are you serious?!? This was an ACTUAL
    case that happened about a few years ago, and then I see unsympathetic A
    Holes take it then turn it completely upside down by saying “the media is
    always doing this accusing males as the main culprits” stfu! And before
    some bastards say it before I do, yes, I do know females can be the abuser
    in relationships. But people need to see this as it is, fucking DOMESTIC
    ABUSE. And regardless if your male or female, it needs to stop. Don’t turn
    it into a feminist/anti-feminist brawl.

  • Lydia Burger 3 years ago

    This isn’t about men and women or feminism and sexism. This is about ending
    domestic violence, not just for women, but for everyone in any abusive

  • Bitter Tea 3 years ago

    When did this jump to a men vs women thing? <.<; This is not a man hating PSA. Aren’t the people helping her men (and possibly women)? The dispatcher is a man, statistically there will be a man (with women too) coming in for her in a police car. After the incident she could stay with a relative (who could be male or female), see a social worker (who could be male or female) and then see a (male or female) lawyer. Domestic Violence victims as a group should join together in resolving this issue and not attack one group for having ‘more attention’ then the other. Attention to domestic violence as an issue benefits all victims, not just women.