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  • Louis-Armand Campy 3 years ago

    Kyle Larson is the next Jeff Gordon.

  • Peg McQ 3 years ago

    Kyle has exceeded a lot of expectations. Watching him as a sprint car
    driver was one thing, he was awesome and still is. But, huge difference to
    go from sprints to a cup car, Kyle has done it beautifully. My family has
    always enjoyed watching Kyle race, and now, it’s beyond excellent!!! He
    listens, learns and if it fails his mentality never changes. How many
    drivers can we say that about? GO KYLE GO, we love you here in Nor Cal…
    :o) PS: Shout out to DJ, great interview!!! 

  • bigcracer 3 years ago

    I bet Chase Elliott’s jealous.

  • gainesPp 3 years ago

    You mean Kyle Larson is the next “Kyle Larson”

  • sam k 3 years ago

    He is so small!

  • Billy Jenkins 3 years ago