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  • msam007562 4 years ago

    of course!! Golf shows are coming!

  • jsinger3344 4 years ago

    You’re retarded. Humphrey is a great deffender. He’s also a better shooter
    than afflalo and collison. Taurean Green is a player that doesn’t turn the
    ball over, makes plays, and is fast as lightning. Dick Vitale is such a
    bandwagoner, and when he talks, i close my ears. Corey Brewer is better
    than every player on UCLA. So now what? Now you suck on deese nuts.

  • cSPkernuker 4 years ago

    usc suck big things

  • fuamiki60 4 years ago

    speak when you’re spoken too…i only like trojans on my weewee…gator4life

  • msam007562 4 years ago

    Ironic that I’ve heard Dick Vitale, college basketball guru, say UCLA has
    one of the best backcourt’s in the nation. But I guess you know better huh?
    Humphrey is ineffective if he’s not hitting his shots and UCLA’s guards
    play 40 minutes of defense which is more than I can say about Humphrey. Now

  • pinkchica2008 4 years ago

    But that’s the thing about Humprhrey—he makes every shot 98% of time.
    Just as long as he’s focused, it’s in. Even without Humphrey hitting the
    3′s we’ve got Horford and Noah who are great on defense, Taurean Green who
    (as jsinger says) is fast as lightning, and Brewer who is just the
    all-around amazing player. “Now what?”

  • Charlie Parker 4 years ago

    yeah, the Gators kicked their ass AGAIN. Best D? Florida. Best Off
    Effiicency – Gators… OSU, Same result, different game.

  • golfrefugees 4 years ago

    are these sports babes interested in golf?

  • zoofan 4 years ago

    ucla baby

  • ceoparis 4 years ago

    go jsinger… every player on the FLA team kicks UCLA and Dick Vitale’s