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  • msam007562 3 years ago

    And if you think its deplorable to state that American’s have short
    attention spans, it’s actually a sad but true fact. Why do you think
    commercials are no longer than 30 secs on average? Why do you think news
    stations aim for stories that are 45 sec or less? This is a fast paced
    society, no time to stop and always on the go. It’s unfortunate, but its
    reality. Patience is a rare breed, especially when it comes to sports and
    as the old saying goes “offense sells tickets . . .

  • hockeyrocks77 3 years ago

    I couldnt believe how NBC went to HORSERACING instead of an OT that sent
    the sens into the Stanley Cup. Hockey needs respect! Bettman needs to
    demand respect. get a network that CARES about hockey and its’ fans.
    Another good thing to do would be to allow commercial breaks during OT,
    that way, the networks dont cringe at the thought of OT.

  • James Kozlowski 3 years ago

    its sad when hockey is overshadowed by horses getting blankets put on them.

  • David Smallman 3 years ago

    basketball wasnt invented in canada morons, it was invented by a canadian,
    much like Jim Carey, Celine Dion and Shania, they all had to leave for
    greener pastures

  • bryantulsa 3 years ago

    I don’t think we necessarily need constant scoring. Constant scoring is the
    main problem with arena football. Slightly more scoring in hockey would
    help. Same with soccer, though I am getting into soccer more.

  • charbel2477 3 years ago

    wow, whats this world coming to??

  • perryfan10 3 years ago

    Matter of perspective. Baseball and basketball …..you couldn’t pay me to
    watch either one they are soooo boring. I used to watch the police get my
    brothers out off the hockey arena so I know that;s exciting.

  • usaforlife 3 years ago

    My favorite sport? I love a LOT of sports except hockey, curling, and

  • gr8pumpkin 3 years ago

    The blame for what happened falls squarely at the feet of Bettman. If he
    handles things better, there’s no lockout season, the networks don’t shy
    away from broadcasting the game and the fans are there to watch. NBC really
    crapped the bed with what happened in the OTT/BUF game and a real league
    president would be pulling their rights to future broadcasts ASAP out of

  • nukirk 3 years ago

    I think she meant that the sports you mentioned were so embedded into
    American Culture that something “new” like hockey just don’t catch on. What
    can you expect from the only country that calls Football “soccer”?

  • MeAsInMe 3 years ago

    uhh isn’t basketball canadian?! lol

  • Expo86inDecember 3 years ago

    Well, football(soccer) is by far the cheapest sport to play, all you need
    is a ball, you don’t ever need hoops like in basketball. But yet, football
    suffers an even worse fate than hockey in america. It took the spice boy to
    incite even any interest at all, and I doubt this will be a lasting
    interest as Becks is out for another long period.

  • usaforlife 3 years ago

    No f1br30p7ix she’s not right, I don’t like hockey because it is
    irritating, it promotes UNECCESSARY and avoidable violence, IMMATURITY, and
    UNPROFFESSIONALISM. I could care less where the sport came from. In
    baseball and basketball, fighting and unacceptable behaviour is PUNISHED.
    In Hockey, it is viewed as PART of the game (Especially in the NHL), which
    is pathetically sad because it gives the image that Hockey has to rely on
    players harming one another to promote its image.

  • intb28 3 years ago

    i agree 100%. Out of the big 4 sports, hockey is the classiest and most
    respectful, which gives the media nothing to grab onto. If you have a
    basketball game where guys are shoving eachother around and trash talking,
    the media can run with that for a good half hour. However, one thing most
    members of the sports media agree on is that hockey is the most exciting
    game to watch live and in person, and television does not do it much

  • Fibr3Optix 3 years ago

    Why is this video getting down voted? She’s dead on.

  • CrazyCoach 3 years ago

    OK, stupid comment made by a dumbass idiot who only relies on the cleavage
    factor to even get on here. Ask fans in Buffalo or Detroit if they care
    about hockey. The only reason fans in the US can’t get into hockey is that
    they can’t pronounce a city name like Edmonton, let alone point to it on a

  • atomicsparrow 3 years ago

    Hockey is by far my favorite sport, and I am American, I love baseball and
    football, but in my mind neither of them compare to hockey. And luckily
    enough, I get VS, but for the people who only have NBC, they can’t even
    watch games 1 and 2 of the Stanley Cup, which truly is shameful.

  • usaforlife 3 years ago

    Hahaha, at slitting other players throats with skates? Beating each other
    up because they think its cool and tough? Cavemen in the past have done

  • mathieudesro 3 years ago

    Hockey really suck. NHL is a sick organization, hockey cities like
    montreal, winnipeg and calgary couldn’t afford good player because they
    only wanna play in cities like tempa bays where the taxes are low, the
    sunshine is good and where nobody cares about them. Have you ever heard a
    player like Brett Favre said: Ho.. I would like to play for some fans in
    Europa). All good hockey player said thing like that in the NHL. This sport
    deserve to die.

  • sidthekidisnumber1 3 years ago

    stupid nigger

  • policeeatdoughnuts 3 years ago

    it could have been worse for the NHL the game could have been preempted for
    poker or blackjack one reason hockey is dead is because of the 2005 lockout
    the other sports were dead for a few years after they ended strike baseball
    relied on a home run race between Mark mcfraud and Sammy “speak no English”
    Sosa hockey needs a goal race between Sidney Crosby And Alex Ovechkin

  • david25105 3 years ago

    NBA is Canadian you douche bag

  • cmich068 3 years ago

    Football ain’t American grown.

  • singingkicker 3 years ago

    Hockey is not big in Southern California because most Mexicans don’t
    understand the game. There, I said it.

  • WheelSnipeUnited 3 years ago

    a fat black mexican grenade talking about hockey?!