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  • p0479 4 years ago

    I hate when women try to talk sports. She’s just repeating talking points.

  • srgyt 4 years ago

    Well damn, aren’t you a smart and educated one. And it’s not he will
    probably go in the hall of fame, he WILL go in the hall of fame. If over
    100 td’s, over 10,000 yards, over 600 rec., and many records aint good
    enough I don’t know what is. What, u got to have a good attitude to go in
    the hall of fame now.

  • ironmozart 4 years ago

    I stopped being a patriots fan when they got caught cheating!! I’m back to
    a Giants fan and my girlfriend remains a Steelers fan. I just can’t cheer
    for cheaters! I don’t care if they go 30-0. Mike Ditka said it best… ” If
    someone calls you a cheater and it doesn’t bother you, then you are a
    cheater.” Classic comment.

  • strangelover67 4 years ago

    you two assholes below me must be fucking each other up the ass .the
    patriots have a 3 game losing streak against the colts the patriots are
    done they had their dynasty.

  • JooseyJuice 4 years ago

    A hot girl, who knows the NFL. Wow. is she taken?

  • nedvedjuventus11 4 years ago

    they like 8 or 9 receivers… do they even have 9 wide outs activated? they
    do like to spread it around but not as much to tight ends this year, they
    now like speedy wide receivers.

  • assclown2k6 4 years ago

    Any Raider fans who think he’s going to suck are simply in denial. Look
    what you had, a shitty line, and Kerry Collins/Andrew Walter. Could there
    be a worse situation for a WR?

  • jolink653 4 years ago

    It sounds so wrong for a woman to actually kno about the patriots without
    following the word patrios with tom brady is hot

  • strangelover67 4 years ago

    the patriots still won’t win the superbowl moss might have a big year but
    they won’t get pass the colts or broncos.

  • strangelover67 4 years ago

    bug573 the colts aren’t going to win anything as long as the patriots are
    there? they already did who did the colts beat to get to the superbowl ? it
    was the patriots talk about luck the pats won 3 superbowls by luck.

  • BadAss87Camaro 4 years ago

    actually ass hole they didnt cheat they broke a rule for having a camera
    and it was taken away before kick off lol i bet they cheated in the
    chargers bengals browns and “FOWLBOYS” too you loser they are gonna go at
    least 15-1 mabee16-0 if.. they beat the colts GO GO GO PATRIOTS Ive liked
    the patriots since i was 10 b4 they won there first superbowl and im 15 and
    i live in north carolina where i hear alot of shit talk about them but they
    cant bring it

  • erikmg 4 years ago

    SouthernMan? With a name like that it sure doesn’t sound like you’re from
    New England. Let me guess, just another fraud bandwagon patriot fan.

  • bigpunisher8497 4 years ago

    Moss is a cancer that the Patriots should have never got and this will end
    up worse than the T.O./Philly fiasco.

  • Lippett 4 years ago

    LOL…the Patriots are flat-out gonna smoke everyone else this year. Check
    with us in February. 31 losers.

  • nhillyer8 4 years ago

    patriots are cheaters, belleciak is completely shadey and if you can’t see
    that you need to look closer, I like moss though he is just misunderstood

  • T4F13 4 years ago

    Good points Lindsay good job…hope to see u on ESPN some day :o just a
    side note if u don’T mind, Merriweather had his gun licensed and used it
    for self defense (protecting if not saving) is friend, why is there so much
    “controversy” about someone executing his constitutional right to own a
    firearm in a state with more guns then there are people in the world?

  • zereoue 4 years ago

    this is a huge pile of crap. year after year everyone picks the patriots. i
    never bought the “underdog” or “no one respects us” that every single pats
    fans spews so do yourself a favor and shut up. i’d love it if it backfired
    and they finished missing the playoffs. that would be BLISS. oh by the way,

  • falcon2154 4 years ago

    Choke on my dick fag!

  • WilshireX9 4 years ago


  • strangelover67 4 years ago

    it takes more then a bunch of free agent rejects to win a superbowl .and by
    the way the patriots have a 3 game streak against the colts if they play
    this year it will be 4.

  • Derek Zawalish 4 years ago

    lol fuck the patriots

  • strangelover67 4 years ago

    if this was such a good deal why is moss leaving now?

  • Conner2029 4 years ago

    The patriots are used to being the under dogs and never the favorites,
    that’s how they won their 3 super bowls. Now that they are the favorites
    lets see how they handle it.

  • AznTalent 4 years ago

    dude ur dumbass gnd, brady didn’t fucking cheat. The coach just simply gave
    him a play to do, and it worked out well. Stupid hoe

  • mcc613 4 years ago

    Oaks, How those sour grapes taste. I bet really sour…..SUCK IT BITACH