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  • bimini9 4 years ago

    Brett will be ok. He does not need any hype. He plays for the love of the
    game. He likes to just play. No one deserves to win. You play hard no
    matter what team you are on. Brette is in another league of champions with
    class. Win or lose he is NFL class.

  • tallflguy 4 years ago

    Wow… this is one of your very few segments that actually makes sense, but
    I’m not shedding a tear for Brett Favre he had a chance to leave two years
    ago. Also when the team drafted Aaron Rogers a few years ago he should had
    the know that the writing was on the wall in regards the direction the team
    was going. Ted Thompson don’t even want Favre there but he doesn’t have the
    courage to cut him.

  • WACBulldog2010 4 years ago

    Ok Brett Favre should be upset but it doesnt mean they do not have a
    offense. Donald Driver and Greg Jennings how can you leave them two out?
    Ted Thompson got a CB and a DT cause they needed both then and now!

  • packerfan212 4 years ago

    just shut up

  • srgyt 4 years ago

    Here’s the humping dog AGAIN. How in the HELL am I hating cause I don’t
    think my comments are directed towards yall. How many times do I have to
    say it, you a DUMB ASS.

  • COPACABANA07 4 years ago

    what.. who loser Favre? are you out of your head… FavreJets 7-3

  • bimini9 4 years ago

    Brett has only played as many games as Marino in fact marino played more
    games. Both are great.

  • victoriousvic16 4 years ago


  • scorpionkings 4 years ago

    I wonder if she’s taking it up the ass while writing her little reports!!?
    IF MOSS was in GREEN BAY right now FAVRE would still be in GREEN BAY
    playing..Brett needed a boost like Moss could have given the packers! Yeah
    I know Moss is a ass wipe but he can play..

  • hancho_1 4 years ago

    i wonder what her thoughts are on thompson now that the pack went 13-3,
    although i have to be honest, i had the same sentiment before the season.
    go pack!

  • tallflguy 4 years ago

    Overall, an ok segment. I still take everything you say with a grain of
    salt. Bad hair day I’m guessing hun?

  • srgyt 4 years ago

    I think part of tha reason Brett keeps coming back is because he wants to
    pass Marino stats. Yea, I know he said that’s not the reason why he keeps
    coming back but you know he’s thinkin about it. Plus, that’s something that
    you wouldn’t say to come back for cause it would be selfish of him to say

  • Wes Wallace 4 years ago

    this is fucking stupid..no offense..well the Packers what are they the
    second seed to the Cowboys. she is wayy off when it comes to football.
    Farve has a young explosive offense

  • TravBrady12 4 years ago

    bitch you dont know SHIT!