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  • Playakev21 4 years ago

    hell yea there PIMPING the hell out of the athletes

  • PrezAlex 4 years ago

    George Lucas, who gets next to nothing, right? Even if his work (not while
    a student at USC mind you) is helping USC make money, what about the fact
    that Lucas also gets paid for that private work? These students CANNOT make
    money while being an athlete, though.

  • walsh1916 4 years ago

    math nerds are not generating millions of dollars for their school.

  • tallflguy 4 years ago

    Cash Money Homie!!

  • new&improvedD 4 years ago

    They should get paid, NCAA is pimping the sh out this young kids.

  • gaudiofan 4 years ago

    i just realized both the basketball and football national championships had
    Flodia beating Ohio State. gues i’m a little slow.

  • BobDole1923 4 years ago

    “It isn’t fair to the non-athletic students!” Fuck you, socialist. Life
    isn’t fair. When those non-athletic students help generate billions of
    dollars for a company I will be saying they need to get paid too.