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  • msam007562 3 years ago

    Teebear – Furthermore, it’s a joke that any man can post a video on here
    dressed in his underwear w/a beer in his hand and be given props, but when
    a smart, sports savvy woman offers her insight you expect fireworks.
    Welcome to the 21st century buddy women can hang with any guy on any given
    subject. So wake up, build a bridge and get over it!

  • sergius98 3 years ago

    Whatever, she´s beutiful, Spurs are dirty and boring and Suns will win the

  • senatechops 3 years ago

    spurs vs suns series; 4-0 spurs. gl suns and btw w/ shaq on your team,
    you’re no longer up tempo team lol

  • John Sarro 3 years ago

    Suns are a good team but the SAN ANTONIO SPURS ARE THREE TIME WORLD
    CHAMPIONS! So stop crying!! suns are as bad as all the other teams trying
    to win! GO SPURS GO!

  • jpalm5126 3 years ago

    plus all that booing and whining is gunna get our drunk ass fans REAL krunk
    at the sbc center on fri

  • Doge Decoco 3 years ago

    the suns defense is good now. matrix shutting down parker is the xfactor!

  • sampaz 3 years ago

    the spurs ony won becuz they took out steve nash at the last min. they were
    down by 2.

  • srgyt 3 years ago

    1st of all, what in the hell are you doing following all my comments like a
    dog that can’t stop humping on your leg. 2nd, of course I’m wrong cause the
    series has already been decided DUMB ASS. 3rd, Why in the hell would I hate
    on yall, I have a life. 4th, I’m just replying to yall stupidity. 5th, I’m
    not the one going outta my way to make a video just to HATE on somebody.

  • dlite3000 3 years ago

    Bowen tried to end Amare’s season. He is simply a “dirty player.” Ginobili
    makes some dirty plays but that doesn’t make him a dirty player yet. He
    definitely flops, but let’s give Manu the benefit of the doubt for now.
    Bowen is horrible and he should no longer be playing.

  • rubysgrl 3 years ago

    the spurs were up for the last 2 minutes of the game. If u cant win just
    cause one player isnt in thats sad. Yeah i know its steve nash and he’s
    fuckin awesome but wheres Stoudamire and Marion or even Raja Bell. All
    those guys could have stepped up but they didnt. saying they lost cause
    nash wasnt in is just an excuse.

  • StoneThrowingDevil 3 years ago

    “And the NBA playoffs are keep going on…” Shut up and take your top off.

  • Doge Decoco 3 years ago

    spurs are an incredible dirty team

  • msam007562 3 years ago

    Teebear – Your perspective is so sexist it’s ridiculous. Why shouldn’t u
    respect a woman’s opinion? Are men the only ones who can watch sports? Why
    does a woman need to show her resume’ before she gives a solid and educated
    opinion on sports? As for her analysis it was concise and to the point,
    what do you expect – for her to break down game film?

  • wesmantooth24 3 years ago

    her boob doctor should get the mvp.

  • willlliw 3 years ago

    bruce bowen is a dirty player…b/c of 1 player that brands the entire team?

  • dbreiden83080 3 years ago

    She is HOT and knows her shit Timmy and the Spurs all the way.

  • nosocialfootprint 3 years ago

    did u get paid?

  • bacimtibanane 3 years ago

    well they would have better chances if nash was in the game that’s for
    sure. i just wanna see how good would san antonio be without TD. san
    antonio is nothing without TD

  • toytoyness 3 years ago

    oh shut the hell up sampaz

  • willlliw 3 years ago

    i have not gotten paid yet

  • bm9tube 3 years ago

    ok ok sorry I shouldn’t have. I guess I got caught into the action of the
    internet bashing cheers

  • teebearpicnic 3 years ago

    Sorry, instead of “this woman’s” I should have said “this person’s.” I
    apologize. In no way did I mean to be sexist and i’m sorry that you took it
    that way. And you want to talk about sexism?

  • Dv8inRene 3 years ago

    Thats it The Spurs win in 5, but man i was really looking forward to game7-
    Nash an awesome player, but look for them next year to be more of a
    towering team, As a San Antonian Go SPURS Go, Can’t wait to see how they
    adjust to New Orleans;D

  • blinkgirl182588 3 years ago

    Apparently it makes no difference to this girl that Nash couldn’t play in
    the final crucial plays of Game 1… she makes it sound like it was all
    Spurs. Sure, it very well may have gone that way with Nash in too, but you
    cannot deny that Nash being out was a HUGE factor in the game…

  • bm9tube 3 years ago

    hum no