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  • floflo1902 4 years ago

    Dirk Novitzki is gonna win this year MVP, although Dallas lost in the
    Plazoffs. Go Dallas. Go Dirk.

  • jalbahot 4 years ago

    The Mavs didn’t suck w/Nelson.

  • bigjabba 4 years ago

    You guys just reiterate what ESPN says. Please stop. Mavs were one of the
    hottest teams with or without Johnson year round; they just sucked in the
    playoffs. Last year under Avery JOhnson, what happened? 67 wins and a first
    round exit. Don Nelson deserves more respect than that you tramp.

  • bballdaniel 4 years ago

    everyone Knows that LeBron James is the MVP .. not Dirky german

  • Pedro Sousa 4 years ago

    Kobe MVP of all time!

  • jimmywantgrapes 4 years ago

    its move VALUABLE player you retards. As in without that player how much
    would your team suffer, or how much is your team better because of that one
    man. Steve Nash has the greatest effect on a TEAM of all the players in the
    NBA. I hate all you retards who try to name the guys with most points, or
    guy on the best team. Learn what ‘MVP’ represents.

  • 123magoosh 4 years ago

    that blonde chick was a steve nash hater

  • svinasvenis 4 years ago

    Its true that phoenix wasnt the best team before he got there. However what
    was mavericks without nowitzki. In addiction to that, its a regular season
    mvp award, not a playoffs. So if dirk didnt do anything, thats not the
    problem. Also… how was kobe in the playoffs? not better than nowitzki.
    Kobe is one of the bst player, along with nash. Therefore nowitzki earned
    the price after leading his team to more than 65 victories..

  • Jackpwnz 4 years ago

    I am by no means a Lebron fan, or hater, but I agree. Dirk sucked.

  • crazymallu 4 years ago

    the girl on the right is right DIRK is the MVP

  • dtownpg 4 years ago

    nash has won mvp twice and how many finals has he seen?none and thats he
    better talent surrounding him dirk been to the finals yes he didnt help
    much this year but he was the better player

  • esturios99 4 years ago

    Nowitzki !! MVP !!!!!

  • Tajda Šrot 4 years ago

    nowitzki is MVP. dirk haters you suck. get a life, he ‘s the best in NBA

  • Jackpwnz 4 years ago

    Nowitzki averaged 19 points per game in the playoffs. He is nowhere near

  • svinasvenis 4 years ago

    You also have to consider that Don Nelson knows nowitzki better then avery
    jhonson. The golden state were also in a big streak, after reaching the
    playoffs with the last ticket. They were more inspired than the mavs. thats
    why it didnt happen. Nowitzki is the MVP, because he was leaded his team to
    a very good season. He earned it!

  • jvjoker 4 years ago

    8 points in a playoff game?? dirk isnt getting anything

  • zoidberg177 4 years ago

    Steve nash is MVP all the way u u’s don’t know shit!

  • Greg B. 4 years ago

    um….what did Nowitzki do against the Warriors? LOSER!

  • DSFARGEG00 4 years ago


  • 000Gwapito000 4 years ago

    u suck floflo1902 u dont know how to play bball nash is mvp 100%

  • FunkyDee 4 years ago

    kobe lost:/better luck next year

  • KevinIso09 4 years ago

    ok dirk can shoot a 3 wow i hate how ppl praise a taller player cause he
    can shoot and the way u just disrespected diaw and thomas was horrible they
    are great players and u said their names like they are in D leauge

  • ManaMan25 4 years ago

    Marisam is SO GOD! She knows her stuff!