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  • Lars Lode 4 years ago

    video by +Cliff Baldridge

  • Cliff Baldridge 4 years ago

    SBARTSTV Rare Global Breaking News
    F1 Formula 1 Behind the Scenes Racing Logistics News. Fascination Logistic
    In Europe once again the troop is travelling with the full kit and
    caboodle, taking 300 tons of equipment to the circuits. From the 1.5
    millimeter screw through the race cars – everything has to be delivered on
    time before the show can go on.
    Fastest Lap The perfect pace – the perfect lap! In Formula One it’s all
    about beeing the fastest and to win the race! But setting the fastest lap
    time is another goal that drivers try to achieve to show their supremacy.
    Who’s going to claim the honour of doing the fastest lap at the next
    Formula One Grand Prix? It’s an exciting competition between the best
    drivers in Formula One — the DHL fastest lap award! New Cars & New Rules.
    With all the innovative ideas, high technologies and new regulations,
    Formula One is even more exciting than last year! We take a look at the
    teams’ cars and explain the most important new rules.

  • Cliff Baldridge 4 years ago

    F1 Formula 1 Behind the Scenes Spain Grand Prix Preview This Weekend Spanish
    Grand Prix F1 Formula 1 Behind the Scenes Spain Preview Racing Logistics