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  • Scootertuner1000 4 years ago

    You didn’t ask me a question. You asked me to explain something you are
    yourself unwilling or more likely unable to explain. So why don’t you
    explain the philosophies of the parties?

  • aspiringdrummer17 4 years ago

    Is that the best you can come up with or were you too busy daydreaming
    about shandy?

  • Scootertuner1000 4 years ago

    I’m bored with it. Time to move on.

  • Scootertuner1000 4 years ago

    The achievement level is no where near the same. Why would you have to live
    in another country to learn another language? They teach other languages in
    school, college and university. I myself speak German, Dutch, Danish,
    Norwegian. I learnt them in school, college and university. I moved to the
    USA a few years ago, but they also speak English, of a sort.

  • aspiringdrummer17 4 years ago

    @skeletorphd It was the banks that got us into this mess. The same banks
    that are all situated in the Shitty of London. Can’t believe we trust the
    Southerners with things as important and complex as finance. It’s
    inevitable that things would go tits up if they were based in London

  • aspiringdrummer17 4 years ago

    @skeletorphd It’s you posh Southern types who are the inbred ones. You like
    to think you’re all as special as the Royals and therefore try to keep the
    bloodline pure by breeding with your relatives. To be honest, I’m surprised
    you even ventured on to the Internet. Something like this must be far too
    lowbrow and common for you guys. Saying that though, what with the hunt
    banned and everything, there musn’t be an awful lot for a Southerner to do
    these days

  • tarantulamuncher 4 years ago

    @panzrocks123 I thought that too

  • aspiringdrummer17 4 years ago

    @skeletorphd You guys have done a great job of running the country so
    far…….. I’m must say though I’m surprised you didn’t relpy sooner.
    Surely having seven fingers on each hand would give you the ability to type
    faster. Then again I suppose typing is too masculine a process for you to
    be proficient at. I guess you guys should just stick to knitting or
    whatever it is you do down there. No doubt something that stops you running
    the country properly to get it in this mess!

  • Kim Noble 4 years ago

    Lad de dah London types. Love it!!

  • Scootertuner1000 4 years ago

    We’ve all studied politics at some time or other. You obviously didn’t
    graduate though, not with the kind of bollocks you are spouting. Instead of
    spouting nonsense, why don’t you prove you know what you are talking about?
    Explain the core philosophies of the parties. Shouldn’t be too hard now
    should it?

  • yourdirtymum 4 years ago

    @skeletorphd isn’t ur mum unaware that not everything involves sucking
    pakis dicks

  • aspiringdrummer17 4 years ago

    The achievement level per person is actually the same. Considering I
    haven’t lived in a foreign country long enough to learn the language of
    said country I only speak one language but given that English is the
    world’s lingua franca, I don’t really need to learn another language if I
    intend on living in this country for the foreseeable future, which I
    unfortunately do.

  • karatebuff 4 years ago

    OMG 0:42 Neil he was on the ITV’s The Chase today.

  • panzrocks123 4 years ago

    0:32 Its Gareth Bale!!!

  • Scootertuner1000 4 years ago

    Considering the achievement gap between the north and the south, the South
    have far higher graduation and university or college attendance rates than
    the north, I should probably be asking you that question. How many
    languages do you speak? Pick a language and we can go on from here in that
    language. BTW, don’t try to use google translate it only works for very
    short sentences or individual words. It does literal translations and lacks
    the interpretive ability to actually translate correctly

  • Rsunited90 4 years ago

    guy at 0:44 hahahaha like rats

  • JohnAdey123 4 years ago

    laa di daa london types!

  • bebopdelux10 4 years ago

    Wow, did you think that one up all by yourself? You must be very tired now
    after using your brain instead of doing what most Northern women do like
    getting shagged outside pubs while at the same time trying to balance a
    kebab in one hand and a white plastic handbag in the other.

  • yourdirtymum 4 years ago

    @skeletorphd indians hahahahah u mean smelly rag heads!!! ok muppet u be a
    ‘yes man’ all ur life and answer to those pig shagging cretins…if ur
    lucky n beg me hard enough u can have a job at my company…toilet cleaner
    ok boy!!

  • Scootertuner1000 4 years ago

    Shut up you stupid northern monkey.

  • Scootertuner1000 4 years ago

    That’s all you were fucking worth, you stupid northern cunt.

  • The English Canadian 4 years ago

    @yourdirtymum What you talking about you already have a job as “toilet
    cleaner” what you want this guy as your helping hand so you can use his
    dick to rub the inside of your “Arse” haha

  • wfcsports 4 years ago

    batley woop woop :D

  • aspiringdrummer17 4 years ago

    I take it they don’t have schools down south or did you just not bother
    turning up?

  • 2000tezza 4 years ago

    @yorkshirelass2006 shut up yorkshire slag