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  • Matthew Dorry 3 years ago

    This is awful, the way the screen jumps around like that. NES baseball was
    much better. You had direct control of who stole what base and when, and
    you could see the whole field.

  • AbsintheColour 3 years ago

    the only thing about these games is it took hitting a long fly or homer
    just to catch a glimpse of the stadium lol

  • docj09 3 years ago

    Ryne Sandberg hitting a 567 ft HR lol

  • jimmyqballs 3 years ago


  • jmmua04 3 years ago

    That whistling baseball sound is still hilarious. 

  • lac2500 3 years ago

    I loved this game so much as a kid I went on ebay and bought a SNES and
    this game a few years ago for the fuck of it

  • jordanredman 3 years ago

    This game dominated my childhood. Awesome!

  • easton462 3 years ago

    KGJ jacks a dinger. I’m not surprised.

  • AbsintheColour 3 years ago

    jaysus! play a whole game in around 20 minutes. now that’s what im talking
    about. how the hell do you finish a whole season and play all the games in
    The Show nowadays. Its like 45 minutes for a game. and that’s if you breeze
    through it and don’t take in all the spitting and bat against shoe tapping
    and guys walking up to the plate.

  • Brutus Cassius 3 years ago

    Gameplay doesn’t hold a candle to the legendary Tony LaRussa Baseball &
    Larussa Baseball ’95 that came out for the Sega Genesis. But what sucked
    about those games is the save feature was broken. Once you turned the
    system off, that was it; your season ,stats, everything, gone. Despite the
    fact it claimed to have a memory-saving battery, like other EA Sports games
    of that era.

  • Ian East 3 years ago

    Is it just me or all the batters Roided up big time?

  • ptennisproductions 3 years ago

    My neighbor had this game and would always kick my ass at it I hated it but
    when I finally got it years later by myself it was great

  • comicrelief1989 3 years ago

    my very first game for snes….my childhood….

  • MattyKintheAM 3 years ago

    it’s the ump telling the kid to play the game

  • marshall sanchez 3 years ago

    That is the ish right their boyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!,I LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!!

  • 1990juliovelasquez 3 years ago

    i always loved it when the batter gets struck out and he say’s AW, COME

  • TheShootTruth10 3 years ago

    anyon else know the bunt trick to get a hit everytime with runner on 3rd

  • SlayyerDragon 3 years ago

    @caboose41 Yeah, that’s a laugh.

  • newjerseynj13 3 years ago

    Madden NFL ’94, NHL ’94, NBA Showdown, MLBPA Baseball and Ken Griffey Jr.
    Presents Major League Baseball.

  • Grim Reaper 3 years ago

    The thing about baseball games, especially old school ones like this, is
    that the hitting is completely arbitrary. And their physique isn’t
    indicative of how much power they’ll hit the ball if they make contact,
    even though it doesn’t reflect reality. The cpu decides where it wants to
    place the ball, which isn’t impartial.

  • D. Smith 3 years ago


  • Bravesbaseball1100 3 years ago

    I used to play this game with both controllers at once. Kinda miss the
    simplicity of old school video games. Couldn’t do that nowadays with a ps3

  • lasertron100 3 years ago

    i love this game

  • MrShadow8890 3 years ago

    love the music :)

  • SamonMarquis 3 years ago

    The soundtrack really made the game much more pleasant to play. The
    accelerated gameplay as well, made it even better. I must have done a
    season with every team.