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  • PORFAS FPS 3 years ago

    the giants crushing dreams one team at a time.

  • GBuster 3 years ago

    There is that Marlins guy again. 

  • tigertank06 3 years ago

    I’d like to see the Giants face the 2013 Red Sox. Don’t think the Giants
    would win.

  • Michael Terrell 3 years ago

    I hear the haters talking. But everything they say about the Giants is
    irrelevant. They’re the champions and there’s nothing you can do about it.
    Oh and 3 World Series wins in 5 years isn’t a fluke.

  • WildWoody42 3 years ago

    The only other WS pitching performance similar to Bumgarner’s I can recall
    in recent memory was Josh Beckett in 2003, when he shut down the Cubs who
    were on the precipice of winning the pennant in Game 5, then came back on
    short rest in relief in Game 7 to help close the book on them. He then
    pitched a gem in Game 3 of the WS against the Yankees and came back in on 3
    days rest to shut them out in Game 6. Congrats to the Giants and the Mad
    Bum on a phenomenal run this year.

  • MakeMeThinkAgain 3 years ago

    The American League is going to have to come up with a champion not wearing
    blue if they want to beat the Giants. Three teams wearing uniforms close to
    Dodger blue and three defeats.

  • Acey Hadrian 3 years ago

    I still get goosebumps when I watch this!! 3 in 5 years we are a dynasty,
    anyone who say otherwise is either a hater or a Dodgers fan. Been a huge
    Giants fan for over 25 years and today I feel spoiled!!! Finally one of my
    sports teams does something truly amazing. Im used to my teams losing, it
    feels good to win consistently. 

  • JesusismyKing777 3 years ago

    2010, 2012, 2014…DYNASTY!!!!

  • Bennett Salvador 3 years ago

    MLB World Series 2014
    SF vs KC watch on full-length 3 hours: 45 minutes

  • Aaron Samuels 3 years ago

    3 rings in 5 years Kudos to San Francisco WOOOOOOHOOOO!

  • sporstsfan92129 3 years ago


  • Jagnole101 3 years ago

    Gotta tip your hat to SF. Winning game 7, on the road, with a runner on 3rd
    I might add…after losing 10-0 in game 6? Pure grit and determination. 

  • EricAKATheBelgianGuy 3 years ago

    This is what seventh games are made for.

  • sporstsfan92129 3 years ago


  • capnwacky 3 years ago

    There is no word in existence that describes the pride, joy AND anguish of
    watching this game as a Royals fan. Magical postseason. Disappointing
    ending. But magical nonetheless.

  • Andrew Conlon-Riser 3 years ago

    Damn Bumgarner was unreal in this series.

  • Peter Moody 3 years ago

    the +MLB just posted game 7. This trend must continue.

  • biggamejames79 3 years ago

    San Francisco Giants, Team Of The Decade so far!

  • Dave Saunders 3 years ago

    Ok, it’s very cool that MLB posted game 7 on YouTube.

  • Jennifer Dawson 3 years ago

    Bitches get stiches SF dont got a dick ha

  • Miguel Sandoval 3 years ago

    Hey, The Royals Can’t Use The Ultimate Warrior’s Theme. Show Respect To The
    Late Ultimate Warrior. RIP Ultimate Warrior By The Way.

  • Dean Rockwell 3 years ago

    3 in 5 years a Dynasty?I don’t know,but 4 in 6?Definitely.

  • Goo Gle 3 years ago

    GIANTS in 2015. They’re young, experienced and talented. What!

  • Ronnie Rodrigue 3 years ago

    lol were are the red sox they were watching on tv dude 3 times in 5 years

  • sporstsfan92129 3 years ago

    1:33:25 Michael Morse RBI Single to take the lead.