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  • MrCelebsxxx 4 years ago

    this is going to be a great fight but i think aldo will win. if you want to
    watch it free go to ufclivestreams com/wec

  • femdomfanatico 4 years ago

    I would love to have a girlfriend like that lol

  • Czerniakowska 4 years ago

    Has any serious research yet been conducted into why coaches in wrestling,
    MMA, BJJ, etc., are always bald?

  • TheChallenger 4 years ago

    @fearontiger I would love to have them grind my balls. These girls like all
    others are harmless. These guys are just pleasuring themselves like iam
    doing right now lmfao

  • lirro100 4 years ago

    I am 5’9″, in my early 30s and not regularly working out. I also have some
    vulnerable kneecaps that can easily dislocate when I make hectic moves,
    especially when there is much pressure on my legs. Honestly, in a physical
    confrontation with one of these fit girls I would get easily owned. Due to
    my lack of fitness and particularly my weak knees they could easily tear me
    down, maybe leaving me injured. They would be too fast and their legs too
    strong. Somehow intimidating but can deal with it;)

  • djalex2323ap 4 years ago

    I want a girl like that

  • Chris Schulz 4 years ago

    That guy has the best job in the whole world.

  • Henry Garcia 4 years ago


  • andrew escageda 4 years ago

    @Czerniakowska so nobody pulls their hair….

  • brasilcork 4 years ago

    Was the instructor copping a feel?

  • Narftaxaku200 4 years ago

    i wanna being wrestled by those girls anyday! wtf i cant believe 2:34 the
    big guy has a faggot voice!

  • jonay09able 4 years ago

    I like the eding of vid! Really cool besides who wants a weak women. The
    way things go these days its nice to no that if need be your lady can pound
    some head(no not that head the other one)

  • wernerdriver 4 years ago

    lucky at 1:26…if u don’t tap out then her feet would be grinding your
    balls…somethings gotta give!

  • Czerniakowska 4 years ago

    @anndrew626 I guess that makes sense. It would probably explain, also, why
    most of them have been castrated. Do they take special ‘ugly pills’, or is
    there some profiling programme within junior schools to identify those
    whose faces are most likely to develop what in most men would be taken to
    be their ass?

  • Tom Snyder 4 years ago

    looks awesome