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  • rody1964 3 years ago

    How much win means to those players?dumb ass TD? these guys work their
    ASSES OFF training long hours for this, the humpire makes 2 mistakes on a
    roll and Mr Tiley, doesnt even mention what caused the problem. Dumb ass,
    how much does it mean to you that your umpires do a proper job, how many
    hours a day do they work out to be in shape to fail?Nalbandian abused the
    umpire?..Channel 7 get a better reporter, bet this moron didnt even see the
    game,how stupid can a TD get and a reporter to add to it.

  • droidbread 3 years ago

    Get fucked channel 7

  • 1960mayhem 3 years ago

    Why do people think it’s cute and funny when these players act like big